Imagine any of the following scenarios:

  • You’ve inherited a home, but its contents are nothing that suit your taste. You need to clear it all out in order to make it look like something you prefer.
  • You’re moving to assisted living and need to downsize an entire house’s contents into just a few rooms.
  • You’re moving out of state and you need to get rid of all that tropical gear you’ve collected over the years.
  • You’re dissolving your marriage or business partnership, and there are a large number of contents that need to be liquidated.

If any of the above describe your situation, then save yourself the hassle and do your estate sale with True Fashionistas Home. We buy estate furniture and accessories quickly and efficiently. An estate sale is a quick and profitable way to downsize in preparation for an update so you can start fresh.

We work with trust and estate attorneys to make sure all the paperwork is correct, and best of all, we’ll buy it all, including art, decor and artwork that was on display in your house. Your estate sale can be entrusted to True Fashionistas Home. No need for research, social media or advertising to downsize and losing sleep over the process; we’ll clear out your home quickly so you can make the most of your new property.

Since we consign estate sale merchandise, True Fashionistas Home is also your chance to update your property with luxury items you wouldn’t typically buy new. You can clean out the old all at once, then shop either in store or online for something you do like and will use, either in your house or the one you’ve recently inherited. You’ll get a great deal, then be ready to buy new or find a great consigned deal at True Fashionistas Home.