Throughout history, fashion has reflected art, and since art is a True Fashionista creation from the imagination; so then comes fashion as “wearable art”. It’s as if someone had an idea so outlandish that it should have just stayed in their head, but instead of moving on to the next awesome idea, they just well, went with it. Hence we have quite a few blips on the fashion history screen. even shares that there have been fashion shows where models have worn dresses made out of hair, condoms and real humans attached together in weird ways. Remember Lady Gaga’s meat dress from the 2010 VMAs?

Here are a few for the record, pulled from history as well as more recently. Feel free to acknowledge, shake your head, and be glad you didn’t wear/do that! Oh you did? Your secret’s safe with us.


Practiced in China during the Song dynasty (960 – 1279), this tradition was seen as a status symbol and a form of beauty. Foot binding involved tightly wrapping the feet of young girls, curling the toes underneath to achieve the desired “lotus feet”. It was also done to keep the feet in a desired tiny size. Who needs to walk anyway, right? Foot binding was practiced up until the 19thcentury, but by then it had taken on newer forms. The custom was finally banned in 1912.


Chopines were platform shoes worn circa the 15th– 17thcenturies. In Venice, Italy, where the streets were flooded the majority of the time, they were reallypopular, and their height reflected one’s social status. Some chopines measured over 20 inches high! A law was finally introduced in 1430 limiting their height to a mere three inches, but it was mostly ignored.


The image of Queen Elizabeth I has graced the pages of history books for years. Ever noticed how unusually high her hairline was? Nope, not natural, folks. She was merely following the trends of the era, where women would shave or pluck their hair from the natural hairline back to achieve that very high forehead. They would also pluck their brows to create a significant arch. Ironically, Her Monarch ended up suffering from hair loss later in life and wore a wig.


That’s right, we love horses soooo much…..Enjoying a blast of notoriety around 2010, deer and horse hoof shoes had their moment on the runway before stepping back into the cosplay-only arena. What’s really scary is the authenticity these heels pull off, as if the wearer had an evil spell cast over them by a wicked Narnian witch. Turkish Delight, anyone?


We’re thinking this one takes the prize. Actual people getting actual surgeries to look like a human Barbie doll. (To be fair, there are also men striving to be a Ken doll.) And of course, they all haveYouTube channels, like Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, because we can’t stop staring, ahem, looking. In order to keep her waist tiny and Barbie-sized, Valeria lives on a food-free diet, subsisting on purely solar energy. True Fashionista diet secret revealed! We could go on and on, or you could read alllll about them on


Meggings are leggings for men, ‘nuff said.


OMG really?? Shirts, accessories and more adorned with The Evil One’s face are apparently big in Thailand. Shame on you, Thai peeps. We’ll never eat Panang curry again. Who are we kidding? Of course we will.


Apparently, Miley Cyrus is a fan, and yeah it better match your head hair color. Be like Miley. Grow it out and dye it, ladies!


Call it what you will, “night suits” are jammies worn in place of regular clothing during the day. Some are even wearing their sexy lingerie night suit to events, and flat out getting away with it.

Whatever your True Fashionista fashion taste, we hope its not as crazy as these efforts. Shop our brick and mortar store or online via or eBay for more…sensible and fabulous outfits and accessories.







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Jennifer Johnson