There they are in your closet, standing tall and proud…your boots collection! Maybe they’ve taken a backseat to open-toed selections over the summer, but with cooler weather they’re ready to once again make their True Fashionista mark in your world. But do you have every style that you need to round out the wardrobe? Our friends at Stylecaster have some fall recommendations for tried and tested looks that should effortlessly slide your wardrobe from season into cooler season, year after year.

The stacked bootie is a must. Find some with a good solid, thick heel in staple colors like black and brown. They’ll be good for extended wear, and with multiple outfits. Suggested designers include Christian Louboutin’s Gena booties with that signature red sole and Prada’s block heel ankle boots. Both are an excellent choice for day or evening wear, in leather and suede options. Jeffrey Campbell’s Siren-Jewel bootie is sure to make its own statement throughout the city in which you tread.

However, when you’re looking for some serious height in a bootie, there are a plethora of choices, whether you desire crazy colors, open toes, stilettos, even platforms. Designers are creating all types for your date nights, like Gianvito Rossi’slace-up ankle boots or Steve Madden’s Wagner style.

On the opposite end of the boot spectrum lie those sky-high length riding boots, sitting close to, and often above the knee, like Tamara Mellon’s Icon boots or Stella McCartney’s (yes Paul’s daughter) stiletto over-the-knee boots that go easily as high as mid-thigh. Now just because they’re called riding boots, chances are you’ll do better just showing them off rather than hopping in the saddle. Riding boots can carry a traditional flat heel or the aforementioned stilettos, so it’s up to your personal taste.

Looking for a bit of a throwback? A quality pair of moto boots like Yves Saint Laurent’s motos serve it up grunge-style with a twist, in a vintage 90’s low heel and decorative adornments, accompanying you on a busy, yet stylish day of errands around town. Manolo Blahnik offers a simpler take on the suede moto boot with dual buckles. Since we’re talking old school, lets dive into the backstory of boots themselves, and no surprise here that we have to go waaaaaay back.

The earliest known depiction of boots, says Lovetoknow, showed up in a cave painting from Spain circa roughly 12,000 – 15,000 BC, depicting a man in boots of skin and a woman in boots of fur. Boots were also found in the tomb of Khnumhotep (2140-1785 bc) in Egypt. (And you thought the Egyptians only wore sandals! Lol). Many Asiatic and Arctic cultures wore baglike boots of untanned leather with the fur turned in against the leg, then lashed to the leg by a thong of leather. Ancient emperors and kings wore extravagantly decorated boots with gold soles, signifying their distinction as royalty, considering most of the population went barefoot. Military officers also wore boots of varying heights, thereby denoting rank.

In the Middle Ages, the huese, a high, soft leather shoe, appeared around the ninth century, and under Charlemagne, laced boots called brodequin first appeared. Thigh-high boots for men appeared in the fifteenth century. As women were forbidden to wear them, this became one of the criminal charges filed against Joan of Arc in 1431. Women of this time wore laced ankle boots, often lined with fur.

Outside of Joan’s rebellious nature and for horseback riding use, boots remained a men’s fashion until the early nineteenth century. By this time True Fashionista women were tired of having to wear masculine-looking boots, and with the help of fashion periodicals, stylish boots for women now became an option. By 1830 women were wearing the Adelaide, a flat, heel-free ankle boot with side lacing. The Adelaide remained the standard in women’s boot fashion for the next 50 years. Fast forward to 1960, where Lovetoknow indicates that the women’s fashion boot industry exploded.

Nothing has slowed since. Bootie or above the knee, flat-heeled or stiletto, black or (insert color of preference), boots are here to stay for women to choose, collect and wear to their heart’s content. Find a wide selection of boots at True Fashionista Resale online or in store.


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