So you enjoy nature and understand the many benefits of bringing the outside into your home. However…just how many potted plants can you attractively squeeze into your domicile anyway? There MUST be some other ways to represent all the beauty that nature possesses in your living room! Read on, True Fashionista interior design types…


A simple sheer or semi-sheer curtain will allow plenty of light naturally into your home. Hang them on an attractive curtain rod that complements the room, and all that Vitamin D that the sun shares with us daily if it isn’t raining or cloudy will shine through and lift the spirits! This configuration is especially vital if you’re working with a small room. Look for a light floral pattern and gauzy feel in your curtains, and they’ll serve to dress up the place as well.


Yes, windchimes! Strategically placed near a window or doorway, they’ll make themselves heard often when you least expect it, ether adding to the vibe already going on, or creating a moment of peaceful relaxation presumably when you could use it most, or even when you don’t. Whimsical and airy, windchimes are a great way to distract you if but momentarily from life’s busy pursuits.


This one takes the potted plant to the proverbial next level. Found often in hotel and resort lobbies, a wall hanging consisting of real plants can easily be adapted into the home space as well. Several companies specialize in creating them, but if you’re up to the challenge of channeling your inner crafter/gardener, its possible to make one yourself. Just keep in mind you’ll need space to store the water tanks, which typically only need to be filled once a month. HGTV shares ideas for choosing just the right plants, including low light plants like ferns and bromeliads, peace lily and snake plant. Medium light florae that should fare well include song of India, English ivy and ferns like rabbit foot. Directly lit walls will thrive if planted with croton. You could also think out of the box with your living wall to create a vertical herb or vegetable garden.


There are oh so many clever ways to get a little nature on when it comes to your storage spots and furniture. From woven basket containers and nature-themed shelving to handmade lighting and furniture crafted from reclaimed sources, nature can quite happily and easily coexist in your space. From the heart of North Hobart, Tasmania comes the world of award-winning (and legally blind, go figure) designer Duncan Meerding, whose designs are all handcrafted from natural, reclaimed materials like salvaged timber and Tasmanian eucalyptus. Swedish Designer Pontus Willfords specializes in organic chairs and French designer Stephanie Marin puts good ol’ rocks to use with her pebble furniture. With these and others devoted to nature-inspired home décor, rest assured that it is absolutely possible to decorate high-end and still pay homage to Mother Nature.


Firstly, toss the notion that hammocks are for outdoor use only. Next, find a suitable corner in your house and rig one up. You’ll be glad you did. Place a few house plants around, put on some relaxing music and get swinging in your own relaxation outdoors-goes-indoors spot.


By natural materials we mean those which are eco-sourced and don’t harm the environment, like bamboo, kiln-dried hardwood, cotton, hemp and wool. also recommends materials like sustainably sourced wood, as well as reclaimed and recycled materials, if creating your own furniture is your thang.

True Fashionista Home also carries a great selection of furniture made from these naturally-sourced materials. Check out these and other fine nature-inspired home décor at our new store or online. Earth Day every day!


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