Navigating the world of secondhand or preowned fashion can be overwhelming, with so many terms and different types of stores offering something slightly different. Besides businesses like True Fashionistas consignment store Naples, resale is the most common type of secondhand store. While these two kinds of stores may appear very similar on the surface, consumers should understand some crucial differences to get the most out of their shopping experience.

Exploring the Difference Between Resale and Consignment Stores - What is a Resale Store?

Resale stores (also known as thrift stores) offer gently used items at a fraction of their original cost. In many cases, resale stores are operated by charities and focus on selling donated items to raise money for a particular cause. These stores can have a wide selection but will either carry no more than one season's worth of trends or exceedingly outdated goods (borderline "vintage" in some cases.) Resale stores buy the items outright from sellers beforehand — who give them cash or possibly store credit at the beginning of the transaction itself. However, resale will traditionally yield you less than with a consignment store like True Fashionistas because the shop is assuming the full risk and responsibility of clearing your goods off their shelves.

You relinquish possession and ownership of the items when you receive money from the store, and the profit or risk of the sale lies with the store after that. They usually price the product based on its quality and demand in the market. 

Exploring the Difference Between Resale and Consignment Stores - What is a Consignment Store?

Consignment stores like True Fashionistas allow shoppers to buy used items from private sellers at possibly even deeper discounts than those found in resale stores. High-end labels like Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Salvatore Ferragamo can all be found at consignment stores consistently. You can pretty much count on it at True Fashionistas, Florida's largest lifestyle consignment store!

Consigned items tend to be higher quality pieces than those found in resellers, as buyers must meet specific criteria before selling their goods in a consignment shop, such as proof of authenticity and condition requirements. Prices also depend on individual sellers; some might opt for large bulk orders like estate sales with a possible deep discount, while others may choose to keep prices high for rarer, higher-end products like the occasional Goyard. Because consignees often set their prices, it's possible that shoppers might find some great deals when shopping at these types of establishments.

Exploring the Difference Between Resale and Consignment Stores - Pros and Cons

In general, resale stores offer access to more affordable fashion choices, while consignment stores usually carry higher-end pieces at potentially lower prices if you're willing to shop around. As far as pros and cons go, both types of outlets have their advantages depending on what kind of True Fashionista item you're looking for:

Pros: Sustainability. Shopping in either type of store can help reduce your environmental impact while still getting your hands on stylish pieces. Both types reduce waste by recycling clothing rather than sending them straight into landfill sites or incinerators after use! Additionally, it's possible to make some extra cash by selling your clothes at either type. Although income will likely be lower from resellers since, many times, they don't accept the luxury labels or designer brands found at consignment stores like True Fashionistas, Naples' best consignment store.


Cons: Because many secondhand items come from various sources, there may be discrepancies in quality and sizing, which could impact fit or comfort level at a resale store; this is especially true for resales where size ranges are typically smaller due to limited stock availability.

Exploring the Difference Between Resale and Consignment Stores - It Comes Down to Payout

Whether someone shops and does business at a resale store or a consignment store comes down to personal preference; each has its unique pros and cons when it comes time to shop for discounted fashion finds! The question of which type of store is better for you really depends on your goal when it comes to getting rid of unwanted stuff. If you're looking to get paid for your clothing or other belongings at the beginning of the transaction, resale stores might be your best bet. Still, consignment is the better option if you're hoping to get the most from your initial investment in designer fashion and make more money back.

Whichever type of store you choose, when you're ready to update your designer collection, have no doubt that True Fashionistas, the best designer consignment store, is the place to go shopping, consign and sell your luxury items. Visit us in-store or 24/7 online for authenticated designer clothing, accessories, and home goods, and be sure to get on our email list for additional exclusive discounts.