It’s a True Fashionista dream come true! Two of our fave Italian design Houses, Fendi and Versace, have decided to partner up for exclusive releases launching May 2022.

It’s so very refreshing to hear of this unique collaboration; rather than a power merger/takeover situation.  Mutual admiration and respect have instead led to two unique, limited-edition fashion lines, born from two Houses that you can find in abundance at Southwest Florida’s largest lifestyle consignment store. You’ve got to love the name: Fendace!


Official press for Fendace states that the partnership is a “marrying of creative minds, a creative dialogue stemming from friendship and a true, mutual professional respect between designers” from both True Fashionista Houses. As Fendi designer Kim Jones elegantly put it, “It’s a swap rather than a collaboration and, most of all, it is done out of friendship. It is the beauty of togetherness after time apart and a celebration of women who have inspired me so much.”

“The campaign captures the same sense of friendship and energy we had when we were designing the collection,” Versace said in a statement. “Kim is a visionary designer and innovator. To me, Fendace will always mean love.”

The well-rounded collections include a delicious selection of accessories to match the outfits like handbags, sneakers, heels, belts, hats, scarves, sunglasses and more, similar to much of the merch you can find at True Fashionistas, Naples’ best consignment store.     

For this True Fashionista haute couture lovefest, Fendi’s Jones (Karl Lagerfeld’s successor) and Silvia Venturini Fendi swapped roles with Donatella Versace. Jones and Venturini Fendi put their touches on Versace, creating “Versace by Fendi”, while Donatella Versace presents her vision of Fendi with “Fendi by Versace.” Iconic elements of both Houses are seen throughout both lines.

Vogue’s Henrik Lischke describes Fendace as not so much of a collaboration than a “dazzling amalgamation of some of fashion’s most iconic brand codes, reimagining classic silhouettes from both houses. Think Versace chain mail and a Medusa motif on a nano Fendi baguette bag and slick Fendi LBDs stitched together with Versace safety pins.”


Both collections were introduced in a star-studded runway event during Milan Fashion Week in September 2021 that included Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Bella Hadid and more. A film directed by Alex Maxwell (clients include Lexus, Ikea, American Express and Progressive) played while supermodel participants were greeted by fellow supermodel bouncers before entering the “Fendace Club.”


The True Fashionista line created by the Fendi side of this partnership, Versace by Fendi, explores the idea of opposition, marrying Fendi’s FF Monogram with Versace’s classic Grecian motifs and celebrated Medusa symbol. Fendi by Versace goes street-style punk-rock, melding Versace’s signature style of safety pins with Fendi’s House signs and symbols. Chain mail contrasts with lace and crystal while denim and shearling add a more rebellious, playful feel.

Versace’s collection for Fendi, shares WWD, embodies the designer’s signature sexy aesthetic with pieces like minidresses, ‘70s-inspired denim pantsuits and shimmery gowns.

A sampling of the creations on the Fendi by Versace include: FF jacquard mules, your new LBD mini (trust us), Nano Baguette micro bag, and La Medusa medium handbag adorned with a sexy chunk chain.

Versace by Fendi offers unique Fendi First black leather high-heeled sandals featuring two uniquely-placed supports tucked underneath functioning as the heel, fabulous printed and quilted silk baguettes, and several other True Fashionista bags and baguettes.

Not to be missed are the immediately available authentic designer handbags on consignment by both designers at True Fashionistas.

This match made in True Fashionista heaven is by no means permanent. If you feel the need to stock up on authentic Versace and Fendi items now, shop away at True Fashionistas, the best designer consignment store. Browse in-store or online 24/7, and get in on the magic.