Now we’ve heard everything. Are you telling me that in 2023 we GET to be weird? It’s actually a thing to let your True Fashionista freak fashion flag fly? (Go ahead, say that five times fast.) Do tell!

As we very well know at True Fashionistas, Naples’ best consignment store, the world of designer fashion constantly changes and evolves with the seasons and tastes of its influencers and consumers. While the basics are timeless (i.e., capsule wardrobe), trends come and go at lightning speed. The “weird girl” trend has been steadily gaining momentum for the last few years, but what does it mean for 2023?


To answer that question adequately, let’s take a look back at how weird girl fashion began and where it is headed in the next three years. What exactly is weird girl fashion anyway? In the simplest of terms, think Ally Sheedy’s character in the 80s classic, The Breakfast Club. Yeah, HER. Hey, you never know when you’re gonna jam.

The rules are typically settled, says Glamour. Weird girls emphasize unique, often handmade or secondhand finds that catch their eye. There’s no need to buy a specific piece or brand to fit in with the crowd. Like it? Buy it! We can appreciate that aesthetic and wholeheartedly support trying it out at True Fashionistas, Florida’s largest lifestyle consignment store.   

Simply put, Weird Girl is a movement that celebrates individualism and eccentricity. This unique style trend encourages self-expression and pushes the boundaries on what’s considered socially acceptable. It’s an aesthetic ruled by wearing whatever you want. Colors, prints, textures, and decades all come together playfully off-kilter way. Think patchwork skirts, crocheted beanies, fuzzy cropped sweaters, leg warmers, and mini-skirts worn with funky patterned boots and clashing patterns everywhere.


When the Weird Girl style first started, it was more focused on vintage items and thrift store finds, emphasizing upcycling and layering to create one-of-a-kind looks. However, in recent years more designers have taken notice of this style movement and begun incorporating elements of it into their collections. Think outrageous collars combined with loud prints or detailed embroidery paired with sequins and fringe – anything goes! Answer the call at the best designer consignment store, True Fashionistas!

So what can we expect from this trend in 2023? Well, you might be surprised to know that weird girl fashion continues to evolve each year. We’ll likely see many interpretations of the trend featuring unexpected materials like leather, velvet, and bold color palettes. Designers are having a ball serving up Weird Girl fashion. The butterfly tank top and green zebra sweater by Canadian label Ssense are prime examples, as is a quite True Fashionista sixties print tulle line from Jean Paul Gaultier and mismatched shirts/pants from Diesel.  

Ultimately, weird girl fashion is about embracing who you are and wearing clothes that make you feel good. Anyone looking to try out this style movement in 2023 can rest assured, knowing they have plenty of options available regardless of size or budget!


OH, the array of True Fashionista handbags to complement your Weird Girl look! Think of the structured bucket bag, then let your imagination run wild. It’s apparently what Dolce&Gabbana did when they created the multicolored, boxy Coffee Machine purse. Following suit, Tory Burch released the Raffia Tory the Toad bag, shaped well, yeah, like a toad! Does it get any weirder? Sure does! Try on Judith Leiber Couture’s Pancakes crystal miniaudiere bag. Crystals AND pancakes? Pass the syrup! Not to be outdone, we present Kate Spade’s now classic slice of pepperoni pizza purse and Bottega Venetta’s bright yellow mini-mop clutch purse.

There is such an array of Weird Girl purses out there that we ponder that this whole trend was created to show them off. Discover your favorite among the authentic designer handbags on consignment available at True Fashionistas.

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