It’s a crazy time in the world right now, but if staying home is the safest thing to do, let’s do it in True Fashionista style. Just because we’re holing up doesn’t mean we necessarily need to live in pajamas, yes? Or does it, if said pajamas are Instagram-worthy? We’re here to help you find that happy medium between at-home loungewear and hot looks that are rocking runways. You know, the virtual ones.

Courtesy of Who What Wear comes the suggestion for Naked Cashmere’s line of luxuriously comfortable sets like the Kaia sweater and matching Uri pants. Made from 100% cashmere, they’re also a hit with celebrities like Selena Gomez and Demi Moore. They’ve also upped their game with the recently launched Cashmere Reborn line for spring 2020, featuring the company’s first-ever recycled collection for women that continues their commitment to sustainability. Constructed from post-consumer yarn that’s sorted by fiber length, shredded, and then re-spun back into 100% cashmere yarn, this collection allows fashionistas to wear cashmere with significantly less impact on the environment and be luxuriously comfortable chillaxing on the homefront.

“Cashmere is a terrific year-round yarn,” states company President & Creative Director Leslie Gifford to Who What Wear’s Meggen Taylor. “Maybe you don’t wear a cashmere sweater when it is 85 degrees. But when you go to dinner in a sleeveless top and the air-conditioning is set to 67-degrees then you grab your cashmere throw. We can make cashmere sweaters incredibly light, yet people, even in summer, want a slightly heavier cardigan to wrap around their shoulders.” Drop the AC a few degrees, southwest Florida, and that cashmere set is the perfect comfy cozy housewear outfit.

Cashmere is the fabric of choice for a number of other designers as well, including Nadaam Cashmere. Their tracksuit hoodie and jogger is made from their “softest ever” cashmere. You’ll enjoy the mélange of True Fashionista pockets in this loungewear as well because face it, do you really want to go back to the fridge for more snacks or the bedroom to snag your phone, when all can be stored on your person for immediate, instant access?

Leave it to the genius designers at Beyond Yoga to combine the legging and sweatpant into an original outfit, shares Allure. Called the Foldover Midi Swegging, they’re created with a super comfy fleece that you’ll melt right into. Combine them with matching hoodie and you’re ready not only for your next streaming binge, but that quick jaunt out the door for something that can’t wait to be delivered. Find it in six True Fashionista colors.

When you can’t commit to cashmere but still crave the luxury (and who doesn’t?), try Viola Grey Colege’s line of camisole and short sets made from 100% silk charmeuse. Lunya offers a gorgeous, True Fashionista washable (yes we said that) silk cami pant set. Available in a variety of colors, its classy enough to look great out of the house, but for lounging it’s got a bunch of favorite extras like adjustable straps, lots of pockets and thermoregulating material to keep you at the ideal body temperature. If cotton is your fail-safe go-to, then go for the two-piece Eyes of the World set in breathable cotton poplin from Printfresh.  

And here’s a novel idea: If a company makes stellar cotton bedding, then the True Fashionista clothing they produce from the same material should be just as amazing. That’s the story behind Brooklinen, the bedding company that now produces a clothing line of cotton wonderfulness. Is it sleep-inducing? Could be. After all, you’re just hangin’ out anyway, might as well catch a few z’s. You can always rewind.

Check out the collection of fashion-forward loungewear available online at True Fashionistas. The store may be closed at the moment, but we are here 24/7 online and in our eBay store when you need your fashion fix.

Jennifer Johnson