Remember when you were first out on your own? Just out of college and on a serious budget, decorating your place was more of a quest to have enough seating for you and your buds, a place to put the TV, and let’s not even talk about the kitchen, aka Mismatch Central. Your sofa more than likely used to be Grandma’s, unless you scored big on trash day down the street.

Thanks to entities like True Fashionistas, Florida’s largest designer resale and consignment store, your choices have widened considerably since then. Gorgeous designer furniture you once could only dream about while snarfing takeout on the floor at 2 am can now be yours at a fraction of the original price.

Consumer goods statistics portal Statista reported wayyyy back in 2017 (because anything pre-Covid seems like another, simpler time, doesn’t it?) that the furniture resale market would increase 70 percent from 2018-2025, even without a pandemic keeping us home, bored and restless for the better part of two years. Well, they were correct. People are ready for a home refresh, and they’re done waiting around for it.              


Due in no small part to supply chain issues, purchasing new furniture has become a real challenge nowadays. A lack of materials to construct it and fewer truck drivers to get it there make buyers often wait months for their new furniture.

Although designer resale at a store like True Fashionistas consignment store, Naples sells only quality, authentic pieces, there is always the option to reupholster or paint your find to your liking. Recently, Los Angeles interior designer Sasha Adler told the Wall Street Journal how a yearlong wait for custom dining chairs resulted in a consignment store shopping run. One reupholstering job later, the wedding she designed had chairs with a beautiful, customized look.


As we are very aware, designer types are extremely creative folk, so it should come as no surprise that they often delve into the home goods and furniture realms. Imagine getting a good night’s sleep in a True Fashionista Calvin Klein bed, your phone sitting next to you on a Fendi Galileo table. Maybe your bedroom is outfitted in a set of whimsical Roberto Cavalli furniture, complete with Armani Casa Furniture room divider for privacy when needed. Stroll through the dining room and admire your treasured Versace design sideboard before finally settling into your Louis Vuitton Bomboca sofa.


A report by the Boston Consulting Group revealed that younger consumers on social media are now more apt to seek out “one of a kind” designer home goods. “It is not just the lower price that attracts these true-luxury consumers. It is often the only way they can buy scarce, limited-edition, special sold-out collaborations missed the first time, or vintage items,” the group stated.

Then there’s the sustainability factor. Along with some of fashion’s most revered designers, a large percentage of Millennial and GenZ consumers are paying attention to saving the planet. Buying something from an eco-conscious company like a Pietro Constantini chair or Raschella Collection Champagne Mirror on consignment is a commonsense way to do their part.

Clothing designers aside, longstanding luxury-level furniture-specific companies like Drexel Heritage, West Elm, Ethan Allen, and Thomasville are all standout brands that quite often can be found at consignment prices at True Fashionistas.

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