Might your favorite chair now sport a little slightly-worn spot these days? Maybe your decorative pillows have been hugged just a bit too often while bingeing a streaming television show. These things happen, especially when staying at home is just what you (have to) do. Fortunately, the True Fashionista textile industry has your back, and fabrics that can hold up to extra wear and tear are all the rage for 2021.

Moving away from seasonal products, fundamental principles for True Fashionista home decor are focusing instead on functionality and versatility, giving priority to minimalistic materials with durable weaving, which do not require additional lining. Think of it as an “old is new” type of thinking, moving away from the introduction of radically new solutions and rethinking existing ones as if putting original patterns on top of old fabrics from last year’s collections.

This year’s True Fashionista fabric trends are based on traditional motives, such as small or large floral patterns, various kinds of stripes and checks. As for the color palette that defines the concept of the trend, at the forefront are the non-dominant dusty tones of blues and pinks, offset by familiar shades of green, yellow, blue, and copper-orange.

Over the last year, textile and fabric companies have had to rethink their business processes. With the global decline in production, topical issues have arisen concerning rational consumption and new ideas that form as a result. Up until recently, millions of tons of accessories and furniture have been unfortunately thrown away rather than being consigned at say, a luxury consignment store that carries home goods. Based on this discomforting fact, news emerged at the January Heimtextil, a leading European textile exhibition (held online this year of course), that most of the trends for 2021 encompass the idea of wise use of resources and hence, fabrics that are more likely to hold up to the test of time.

“Fabrics that are durable, wear well, and can be washed multiple times (linens and slipcovers, for instance) will be more important as we spend more time at home for work and learning,” agreed Holly Waterfield for Good Housekeeping.

Durable fabrics rising in popularity for 2021 include:

Linen – Its classic soft texture makes linen a home décor favorite. Linen is one of the most durable home fabrics and about three times stronger than cotton. The other arguments for linen include:

  • Its resistance to lint and abrasion
  • Environmental friendliness. Since flax plants do not require irrigation and barely any pest control, they are not harmful to the environment.
  • Natural shine and color ranging from beige to gray
  • Antimicrobial properties and mold resistance

Crypton – No, it’s not a fictional poisonous substance from a superhero movie. This crypton feels like velvet and is as resistant to wear and tear as vinyl. Once referred to as “fabric for busy people”, Crypton’s main advantages include:

  • Incredible stain resistance
  • Wear-resistant and waterproof properties
  • No harmful substances used in its creation.
  • Antibacterial and air-permeable
  • No special cleaning required.

Faux Suede – Ok first, it’s faux so its politically correct. Faux suede has been around for a while now, most often used as sofa upholstery. Unlike woven fabric, faux suede achieves its near-flawless natural look via a finishing process that closely reproduces the texture and feel of real suede. We can thank plastics for faux suede, and their presence within faux suede make it much less susceptible to water damage AND be easily cleaned. All that and it still looks like True Fashionista suede! Several companies make home items in faux suede, a common clothing fabric as well.

Wool – Yes, as a True Fashionista home décor fabric! Wool is eco-friendly and a cozy choice for home décor. The line of wool rugs by Lula and Georgia is a fine example thereof, featuring simple designs and nature themes.

Go ahead, let the kids run toy cars over the couch while you conduct a Zoom call, coffee and phone balanced precariously in your lap. That resilient, True Fashionista fabric your furniture is sporting can take it well in 2022 and possibly beyond.

Find beautiful buys in today’s fabrics, colors and prints at True Fashionistas Resale, featuring our daily-updated collections both online and in our Naples, Florida store. Your future favorite crypton rug awaits!