Are you ready to do some updating around the house? Now is a great time to start planning for what will be trending in 2022. True Fashionistas, Naples' best consignment store, is always bursting at the seams with authentic designer home items. Best to know what to look for while browsing. We've compiled a list of trends to know about for 2022, so your home is looking as snazzy as possible. Yes, we said snazzy.  


What's old is new again. Pretty much everyone has said at one time or another. This thought must have been taken to heart this year because vintage looks are back in a big True Fashionista way.  "With shortages popping up in supply chains and the significant increase of focus on the environment, I think the celebration of one-of-a-kind finds will be an increasingly important trend in the new year," predicts Next Wave designer Sara Hillery for "Not only are vintage finds a greener choice for design with upcycling, but they are also laden with unique details that are expensive to re-create." 

Vintage styles are also a surefire way to add personality and uniqueness to one's space. Take a look around the accents/accessories division of True Fashionistas, Florida's largest designer resale, and consignment store, and discover a multitude of styles and ideas for your vintage upcycling. 


Black is trending as a favored accent color this year and a great way to add depth and edge to more minimalist spaces. Interior designer Channa Alvarez sees black accents such as lamps that can help to accentuate an area and add interesting depth happening for 2022. Options as simplistic as swapping lighter colored handles and drawer pulls for black ones will add a pop of contrast to a space she offers.  

Jewel-toned greens and terracotta pinks are also hot colors in interior design for 2022. "In the shift to endemic living with COVID, the home needs to be a more soothing place than ever," says M+A Architects Interior Designer Abbey Hunter.  The green hues signal safety to the brain, while deep points in muted palettes radiate warmth and comfort, all basic needs we could use in large amounts these days. While these greens show up quite often in the True Fashionistas collection, let's say pink is our JAM. Just look at our logo for the best designer consignment store, True Fashionistas!  

Neutrals are consistently in style, but they're all the rage this year. Grays, beiges, whites, and browns with warm or rich undertones are True Fashionista shades in 2022 with which to create a peaceful environment in the home. "Whether it is furniture itself or decorative elements, nature-inspired colors and textures will become more prevalent, such as blues, greens, rich/deep reds, and grounded earth tones, as well as organic, natural shapes that add interest," says Anna Franklin, interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective (courtesy of The  


Call it a living wall, vertical garden, or biophilic design, we love inviting nature indoors, and it continues to be a hot trend this year. Along with natural lighting and ventilation, incorporating plants into your home décor will create a visual connection with nature. From potted trees on the floor, hanging plants, and those placed in True Fashionista vases, plants help purify the indoor air. Plant-focused décor is another way to add to the plant themes for more healthy living in 2022.  

Lisa White, creative director at world trend authority WGSN, points to the rise of the indoor tree in interior design trends, especially lemon and olive trees in large pots. "Homegrown plant propagation is becoming more popular, and manufacturers are capitalizing on this by introducing new devices that enable different plant species to flourish inside, like miniature greenhouses modeled on classical designs," White says. "The contemporary conservatory is a look that will be trending, whether creating an all-over garden-inspired room with patterned wallpaper and wicker furniture or simply styling a conservatory corner in a sunny location in the home." What a True Fashionista idea, bringing a bit of southwest Florida into your home! 

While we're discussing plants… 


Whether you are planting the real thing or silk suits you just fine, grab a few of these to dress up your home in 2022. Woven rattan planters invite that homey feel. Love plants but have no green thumb? Go for the Izzie self-watering planter. Fill it up once, and it does the rest. A goblet-shaped terracotta pot offers a simple, clean design perfect for succulents and kitchen herbs, while a ladder stand becomes its own décor piece, displaying multiple plants in a small space. Of course, vases stand alone in their elegance when displaying your plants. Check out the offerings at True Fashionistas for both planters and vases.  

Find great ideas for interior design in 2022 in the newly expanded home department at True Fashionistas consignment store, Naples. Shop in-store or online for authentic designer and brand name merchandise at a fraction of the original price. Consign with us too, and make a few bucks while you're at it! 

Jennifer Johnson