The term “flex space” was initially a description for industrial warehouse space that could be “flexed” into areas like office space, photography studio, home “loft” atmosphere, or however else you choose to configure it. Flex space took on a new meaning when the real estate world started applying the term to residential property. ‘Round the homestead, flex space also refers to a True Fashionista space that’s flexible in form and function. With often little flex space to spare, adaptability is the name of the game, and that has pretty much been the headspace for these pandemic times.  


Now that we’ve been doing this work from home thing for a while now, many find that it works for them. By redesigning and redefining their home with a few key features, like functional décor accents and accessories from True Fashionistas Home consignment store, Naples, many have discovered an increased quality of life. They are busy turning their home areas into a flex space perfect for work, school, working out, or whatever they want. However, often that means creating a True Fashionista home office that may also be part kitchen table or part bedroom. Squishy, but workable, with a few tweaks, say the multitudes. Many have turned to interior designers to make it work.  


Perhaps the most obvious (and logical) trend to come out of a year-plus spent at home is the attainable comfort that so many designers generate for their clients these days. The idea is to design True Fashionista spaces that effectively reflect their occupants and focus on livability (think: washable slipcovers, closed floor plans, and family-friendly finishes). 

“Essentially, the ultimate ‘trend’ this year really isn’t a trend — it’s something that designers try to achieve for their clients often, which is creating a space that feels good to be in,” says Christine Kohut, owner and designer at Christine Kohut Interiors for “From the visual like wallpaper to tactile elements like velvety fabrics and cozy blankets to cleaner air using purifiers, to smart home systems that play music and can adjust lighting, homeowners are craving comfort and sanctuary.”  


One look that’s high on many wish lists at the moment is that of curved furniture. Placed most often in the center of a room, a curved sofa, like one you could find at True Fashionistas, Naples’ best consignment store, softens the living room's look while also accommodating a desk comfortably against the wall elsewhere in the room. Consider a pair of curved sofas to complete the look.        

Flex space used as a quiet retreat for relaxation and meditation with candles and comfortable floor pillows can also double as an exercise room. A home office can also double as a school study room and hobby room. Set it up with one or two desks and plenty of shelving and storage for art supplies and other hobby items.  

Flex space furniture figures quite comfortably into your living room as well. For instance, you might choose True Fashionista pieces that can fulfill multiple purposes. A sofa that converts to a bed, window bench seats with built-in storage, plenty of shelving—all can help make the space useful for a variety of purposes. 


Use the space you have to fill with the things you love. If you’re spending lots of time at home, be it working or relaxing, surround yourself with prettier, more sentimental things to look at, rather than meaningless stuff that had been piling up. Dress up your shelves or tables with items that do double duty, in true flex space fashion, like a pretty basket that houses your favorite knick-knack obsession or an antique box in which to store remotes.  

A great place to find something you love is the Home collection at True Fashionistas, the best designer consignment store. Search online or in-store for tactile comfort like velvety fabrics and cozy blankets to help your flex space truly become your sanctuary. 


To accomplish the flex space goal in smaller areas, try these ideas: Use a folding desk or challenge yourself to downsize into a smaller version. Desks with built-in hutches are also useful for additional storage. No hutch? Add True Fashionista shelves for a quick, inexpensive way to improve storage and functionality in your flex space. Floating shelves free up even more floor space, as well as adding visual interest to your walls.  

For more home ideas, visit True Fashionistas Home to find a ton of home décor and flex space ideas. Shop in-store, online or in our eBay store. Authentic, designer consignment at a fraction of the price. Your flex space will look fabo! 


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