Welcome to Part Deux in our True Fashionista feature of how to create a capsule wardrobe, that collection of timeless essentials that you LOVE to wear. The goal behind building a capsule wardrobe is to create an effortless style for ourselves so that getting dressed becomes easy and stress-free every day and for every occasion!

Feel free to pop on over and review Part One, where we discuss basic tops, bottoms, jackets, and footwear; then head back here for extra tips and final touches.

But first, this factoid is courtesy of a study published by Closetmaid, a leading provider of home storage and organization: The average American woman has over 100 items in her wardrobe and only likes 10% of them. Furthermore, one in ten women are depressed when they open their closet, and 40% say that they don't like any of their clothes. IKR! Obvs, they haven't checked out True Fashionistas, Naples' best consignment store, lately! But we digress…


Color makes your outfits snap and will keep you in rhythm with seasonal changes. Your skin tone also comes into play here. Collect capsule items in True Fashionista bold colors like bright yellow and royal blue, which look great on everyone. It's also good to go with unified schemes for easier mixing and matching. Valentino offers a crazy green oversized silk shirt, and bright colors are a given with pretty much all Lilly Pulitzer pieces. Find a wide selection of both designers at True Fashionistas consignment store, Naples.     


Jewelry - No True Fashionista ensemble is complete without the "extras." Stock up on your capsule accessories for the finishing touches that pretty much go with everything. One simple rule is to have a few metallic pieces to wear, and by this, yes, we mean jewelry. Have your go-to simple stud earrings on hand. Diamonds (real or faux) or round metal beads in various colors will do just fine. Have a 16 or 18" necklace in gold and silver, at least one sleek bangle bracelet. Alex and Ani design an exquisite line of bracelets. Keep a few on hand for your capsule collection. One last reliable capsule accessory is simply a watch. Be sure to own at least one classic watch with either a metal or leather band because, well, watches.

Scarves – An essential capsule piece, scarves are the answer for cold weather days and a quick dress-up item. Tie a silk square scarf around your neck for a touch of preppy-ness, or tie it to your purse strap for a pop of color. Many of our fave labels make scarves, so there's never a shortage from which to choose. From Hermes to Tiffany, Yves Saint Laurent to Salvatore Ferragamo, designers know that a scarf can be the perfecto True Fashionista piece of your capsule wardrobe.


We couldn't just call them accessories; after all, handbags hold your all-important STUFF, and with seven whole days in the week and so many things going on in your life, they deserve their own spotlight. As you browse, keep in mind that you can find authentic designer handbags on consignment at True Fashionistas.

Bucket bags – Fresh off several appearances on runways, the bucket bag is an essential piece to consider for your capsule collection. They may seem compact, but the bucket is pretty roomy inside. Michael Kors has a beautifully-structured style in elegant, neutral hues for mixing and matching perfection; Charles & Keith offer a long bucket bag with an adjustable shoulder strap in a True Fashionista cream hue.

Party bags - Don't forget your statement party bags! Think embellished rhinestones and metallic finishes, both a must for your capsule collection. Zara offers a fine sample complete with fringe detailing and bright orange finish to bounce off your LBD, which you can find at True Fashionistas, home of the best designer handbag consignment.    

Totes – From a perfectly tiny party bag, we do the 180 for that other star in your capsule, the tote bag. Enjoy Chanel's latest with its quilted charm. A woven shopper or basket bag are also fine selections.

Structured bags – Part tote, part handbag, structured bags will accompany you back to the office in style. Prada has reintroduced their 1995 bag in bold red, while trusted names like Versace, Balenciaga, and Gucci offer their own statements. 

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