You spent how much on that gorgeous True Fashionista Louis Vuitton purse, so why would you just toss it on a shelf when it’s not in use? Wow do we sound like your mother or what? But seriously, there’s a life hack for everything, so we’ll help you here to keep your investment looking like new for as long as possible.

Christie’s handbag specialist Rachel Koffsky recommends the following steps for maintaining purses as well as optimal resale value:

Packaging – Keep the box the purse came in, along with the tissue paper and purchase receipt. It’s all part of the authentication process.

Clean – After using your purse, empty its contents and get rid of dust. If the bag is soft, turn it inside out and use a lint roller to reach those secret, hard-to-reach spots. A hard-pressed, grained leather bag needs only an exterior soft wipe with a damp paper towel or alcohol-free baby wipe. Your natural or untreated leather or suede purse can be wiped with a dry paper towel.

Stuff It – In order for your bag to keep its shape, you’ll need to stuff it using either acid-free tissue paper, a small pillow or even bubble wrap. Make sure to wrap exposed hardware like buckles and zipper pulls with a piece of tissue paper to prevent imprints on your bag over time.

Cover – Store your purse inside a soft, breathable dust bag. A neutral color cotton pillowcase will work as well. Make sure to use a bag large enough so as to prevent warping. Patent leather especially could transfer its color to the bag next to it. Covering your bag will also prevent the hardware from touching another bag, which could leave a mark.

Store – This goes back to your original box which, as mentioned above, you should absolutely keep. If the shelf on which you store your bags isn’t tall enough, you don’t want to hang them or allow the handles of the bags to be pressed down. Lay your bags flat, or store them in their original box, easily the safest place since they’re just the right fit! Koffsky also suggests putting a note on the with the name of the bag on the box or dustbag so you’re not rifling through boxes to find that Marc Jacobs that’s the only match for tonight’s LBD ensemble.

Our friends at LiveAbout suggest using a handbag liner to prevent the inside of your handbag from things like spills or makeup stains. You’ll get not just protection, but extra compartments, and using a liner makes swapping out your purse a much quicker endeavor.

As far as exactly where to put your True Fashionista treasures, and we do mean the purses themselves, The Spruce recommends a good cubby, bin or box system if you have room for that. Otherwise, once safely inside its box or dustbag, store your less-used purse and its handbag friends in one of those “under the bed” boxes. Shelf dividers may do you good as well. Think file folders for your bags. Dividers sit on a shelf, and allow you to store your handbags standing up and easy to spot.

The No’s – A few things to avoid when storing your precious commodities…don’t hang your bags, as that will distort the shape of the handles. Also make sure to always store your bag with a cover and inside support, says LiveAbout, and stay away from plastic or vinyl bags and boxes. Although you are no doubt cleaning your bag on a regular basis, avoid over-cleaning. The build-up of chemical products will inevitably contribute to a quicker destruction of your purse. Spot cleaning is typically enough. And don’t wait til the last minute to make repairs. At the first sign of damage, visit a seamstress or leather shop to have repairs done before they get worse.

With a little extra care, your purses will stand the test of time and garner you some nice resale value. We look forward to having you consign with True Fashionista Resale when you’re ready to part with your purses, and more than likely while you’re here you’ll find the next additions to your collection!


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