Throughout fashion history, as trends weave in and out and talented designers step out of the sewing room to the spotlight, there occasionally rises to the top something to firmly take its place as a timeless classic. Styles may change, but these True Fashionista pieces hold their own, and can be pulled out time and again without fear of being “dated”, adding a classic spin to your look. Even if you don’t wear or accessorize with it often, or ever, there are always the bragging points! Among the abbreviated list of said pieces here, don’t be surprised if you unknowingly already own one or more of them.


Coco Chanel is unquestionably a fashion world giant, as the designer once humbly (sarcasm?) noted herself, “I created the most well-known style in the world, because fashion is ephemeral, but style is eternal.” Chanel’s Little Black Dress rocketed to the top in 1926 when Vogue published a sketch of said garment. Dubbed Chanel’s Ford, after the Model T, and like the automobile, Chanel’s little black dress design heralded an era of accessibility to women of all social classes, not just the wealthy. In fact, prior to her design, black was strictly a color worn while mourning. The dress’ true timeless status was cemented when Audrey Hepburn wore an LBD in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Since then, the Little Black Dress has remained a staple in women’s wardrobes everywhere.


There’s just so much from Chanel that we feel the need to mention that True Fashionista perfume of perfumes, Chanel No. 5. Who hasn’t worn this signature scent at some time or another in their lives? It’s been described as “the world’s most legendary fragrance”, and one that’s been continually on sale since its production in 1921. Coco Chanel wanted to create something specifically artificial that has been made and not meant to mirror a flower smell. With No. 5, she succeeded.


You may conjure up images of the signature plaid on possibly a scarf or purse, but when the name Burberry comes to mind, the trench coat is top of the list. An iconic piece since 1856 when the label launched, the trench coat is made to this day using gabardine, a durable, water-repellant fabric created by Thomas Burberry himself. The Burberry trench is so iconic in its steadfast hipness that the option has been argued to wear them inside out!


You can rock your Air Jordans all you want, but the true and tested sneakers for all generations are without question Converse All Stars. Initially designed for basketball players, Chuck Taylors (named for the basketball star) come in a bevy of colors to choose from. In case you’re wondering, they can be pulled off with a short or long dress and in several different cute ways, as FashionGum shares with us. Wear them as a hip and cute co-ed, Bohemian, or in that time-tested backup, go all black for a simultaneously casual and edgy look.


Got your red soles? The story goes that Christian Louboutin’s signature red soled stilettos were inspired by his assistant. He’d been working on a prototype of a shoe based on Andy Warhol’s “Flowers” painting, and thought it a little dull when he noticed the bright red polish she was using to paint her nails. And the rest, as they say, is history. Louboutin eventually created a red nail polish called Rouge Louboutin to match, should you be wondering. His red-soled shoes were first purchased by none other than the Princess of Monaco, setting the stage for women everywhere looking to snag a pair. They must be to this day, as over half a million of these gems are sold each year!


No, not an iconic brand, but somehow when a True Fashionista piece is worn by a very famous person, its net worth and notoriety just go through the roof. Case in point, the black Versace gown worn by Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Academy Awards. Her famous “popped leg” pose cemented the dress’ place in history. We wonder if celebrities just save it for award shows, as Toni Braxton did at the 2001 Grammys in her white, gravity-defying Richard Tyler gown. And how could we overlook J-Lo’s low-cut, green Donatella Versace gown that somehow avoided a wardrobe malfunction thanks to strategically placed double-sided tape and nude swimsuit shorts?

And before we leave, we have two words: meat dress! Thank you, Lady Gaga!




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