Investment Bags

Going into fall, we know you’re looking for a new purse to complete your latest seasonal outfits. Might as well make your purchase last with something classic and timeless that adds just the right touch, yes?.  When you’re also looking for something that could seamlessly go from day to evening, an investment bag might just be that purchase.

There are the True Fashionista bags by your favorite designers that you love so much there needs to be at least one in your collection.  Then there are those special purses designed for the long term. They hold a place near and dear not only in your closet and your heart, but in a special niche carved out by your bank account, quite possibly your portfolio as well. The investment bag might separate you from a dime or two, but it also proves its worth in resale value, often fetching up to 95% of its original price.

An investment bag also sends a signal to other women to “back off my man”, as evidenced by a 2013 University of Minnesota study featuring 649 women of varying ages and relationship statuses. The study, “Conspicuous Consumption, Relationships, and Rivals: Women’s Luxury Products as Signals to Other Women“, found that flaunting pricey possessions such as designer handbags was an effective deterrent against other women possibly flirting with or otherwise stealing their romantic partner.

Which designers, then, might be in your collection, or arsenal, in your ascent to True Fashionista dominance?

Totes continually find themselves among the highest items in resale value, and a wise investment considering the top True Fashionista names designing them. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull reliably lands on Top 5 lists of investment bags, with an 80% resale value in excellent condition. Tested for its durability, the Neverfull can truly hold up to wear and tear. Go ahead, put in the kitchen sink, it should fit!

Goyard Saint Louis, with its definitive, eye-catching pattern blossoming in an array of colors, has been oft-named the King of Totes. This 200-year-old Parisian brand has discreetly built its reputation of True Fashionista quality and status among the most discerning buyers, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and the Kardashians among them. As one of the most in-demand bags at the moment, it’s no surprise that prices for these gems reach $60,000. Supplies typically sell out within days, with zero advertising. It’s the Goyard way, attracting only those “in the know”.

You’ve surely heard of Chanel, a name synonymous with luxury since 1910. It’s been said that investing in a Chanel bag is safer than taking your chances in the stock market, as prices have consistently gone up since 2008. This True Fashionista trend virtually ensures that the Chanel Flap Bag in your collection could quite possibly sell for even more than what you paid for it. Quite the investment bag, indeed!

Might as well toss in that Hermès Birkin by Ginza Tanaka you’ve been eyeing. Named for actress and singer Jane Birkin, this tote defines investment with a $1 million price tag!  Don’t worry, there are a few Hermès bags at only six figures should you not be ready for that kind of commitment. Hermès not only retains its value but could potentially earn you money should you decide to consign. Offering a huge array of styles and choices, the Hermès line just screams lavish quality and True Fashionista elegance. Hermès is also still independently family owned, so that singular craftmanship stays in house and under the watchful eye of its manufacturer.

Topping the list of Hermès, or rather, investment bags for 2018, we find the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse at a cool $3.8 million. If you’re just too obsessed and need your Hermès like, NOW, consignment could be the road for you to travel. Designer purses sold at consignment stores like True Fashionistas come certified, competitively priced and looking pretty much like new. Choose your bag and flaunt your True Fashionista style while you’re at it. It’s a most worthy investment!


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