Its been discussed in various circles lately about the growing trend of the kitchen island becoming the new True Fashionista kitchen table. As our lives get busier, we tend to do our gathering round the island, conveniently located nearby the food prep. An island provides that in-out-and-on-your-way stopping point, its high counter placement and stools encouraging the mentality of a quick bite before racing out the door to start your day.

A kitchen island cart is the perfect addition to a spacious kitchen. This piece of furniture offers plenty of benefits. It serves as a designated counter space for meal prep, it’s loaded with multiple storage options to keep necessities close by, and is an extra place to casually dine or snack. Additionally, you can install a cooktop in your kitchen island. Equipped with wheels, it can be easily be positioned as needed.

Don’t fret if you’ve got a smaller kitchen! Smaller kitchen islands exist to give you much-needed additional prep space. Look for one that is proportioned correctly with your kitchen shape for optimal use. If the counter extends out a bit, stash a couple of True Fashionista stools underneath for the quick sit of island life.

Some islands are two-tiered, putting guests at eye level with the cook while also creating a barrier that keeps dinner prep out of view. This setup will also protect those gathered around the island from cooking splatters.

Before we jump into our dream island, let’s consult with the Mother of all that is kitchen-worthy – Martha Stewart, for tips on setting it up. She recommends the following:

  1. Fit to traffic flow:Ideally, an island should have 36 to 48 inches of space around all sides to accommodate foot traffic.
  2. Not all islands are created equal.Your island will be most beneficial to you when keeping your needs in mind. Do you like to bake? Do you need extra storage? Depending on how you use the kitchen, different countertop materials, designs, and features are recommended. If the kids like to do their homework in the kitchen, a two-tier, multi-level island is a great option. You can help them with assignments while cooking dinner at the same time.
  3. Focus your attention:The central island will be the focal point of your kitchen, so it’s the best place of any to use countertop material with high impact. If you’re going this route, think marble, granite, or recycled glass. Also consider features that will add visual appeal and extra benefits. If you have a small kitchen and need extra countertop space to prep meals, your island should offer a clean and clutter-free work surface.


How about using that area underneath the island counter for your microwave? The good folks at Better Homes & Gardens suggest a microwave “nook”, keeping in mind traffic flow given that a microwave door will occasionally be open.  They also share a cool idea to use that undercounter area for secret storage using door fronts that look like decorative panels. Families with young children can install a magnet wall to keep the kids entertained while you do your work.


Decorate your island with perhaps that kitchen staple, a bowl of fruit, and use the option to make that bowl a real True Fashionista piece in order to further dress up a central location in the most popular room in the house. Perhaps a vase filled with fresh flowers or whimsical art piece?

Make your kitchen stand out with a True Fashionista kitchen island. Shop True Fashionista Home both online or in our Naples, FL store for great kitchen ideas, decor and more!





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