Have you gotten your True Fashionista swim on yet? There’s no doubting it now, its that time o’year when you’ll be spending an abundance of quality hours poolside, be it entertaining friends and family or quality alone time with a refreshing beverage and good book. If your pool deck is in need of freshening up, we’ve got some great ideas to get you ready and make you the talk of the summer town!


Thanks to modern genius, we now have the option of safely placing a means of fire nearby the swimming pool, thereby lighting up the evening in its own special way. Modern fireplaces come in a myriad of materials and styles, so you have options when adding to your pool décor. Got an infinity pool? Try a small pool-height fireplace to accentuate the feel, recommends Decoist, a web magazine focusing on architecture, furniture and interior design. Or move the fireplace off to a side area with its own seating, while the pool stands invitingly on its own. You could also contain the fire to a smaller firepit situated close, but not too close(!) to the pool. Add some greenery that mirrors the surroundings to exude a natural vibe that blends in, and a brightly burning fire becomes a focal point for your terrace. Be sure to provide comfy seating around and nearby the fire for chilly nights, so going from hot tub to fireplace seating can be a seamless endeavor. A gorg example is the fireplace cover image courtesy of J.Sweet Construction in poolside heaven, Naples, Florida.


Energy efficient and available in a slew of True Fashionista colors, LED lights can enhance your poolside deck in SO many ways. You can add string lights and an automated system to turn them on at dusk without having to think about it. With a multitude of lighting options, they’re the perfect addition to your awesome pool party atmosphere.


What, you don’t have an outdoor kitchen? No problem, says Good Housekeeping. Get some sturdy brackets and place a shelf just beneath a window that borders your pool area. Screw a piece of plywood on top and hang an awning and poof! You’ve got an easy way to transfer vats of lemonade to your thirsty swimmers. Place a couple of stools nearby and now you can hang with the crowd. A win-win!


Try an oversized outdoor sectional that turns any poolside patio into a multipurpose lounge area. Add an outdoor rug and some colorful pillows, maybe in living coral, Pantone’s Color of the Year, and you’ve got a gorgeous, True Fashionista spot where the gang can hang. And the most commonly found material used in outdoor furniture? Yep, wicker. Specifically resin wicker, which is treated to withstand outdoor weather punishment, seems to offer the best construction available. Resin wicker is a standard for many patio furniture companies. For a good comparison list, visit HQText for a rundown of the Top 10 brands. They can be pricy, so start by looking at furniture consignment stores.


Ok wait, aren’t we supposed to be discussing poolSIDE décor? We’ll just jump in for a moment to see what’s hot in the pool this year, besides that giant swan. Think about it, floats big and colorful enough certainly add to the overall décor of your pool area, yes? The inflatable rainbow lounger is a big hit this year, as is the sloth, no doubt due to certain animated movies out this summer. Wine enthusiasts will enjoy the RoséFloaté, yes, a giant wine bottle carrying you effortlessly from one end of the pool to the other. The 90’s-era cordless retro phone float makes a splash, and the everything bagel offers all the carbs you crave without actually ingesting any. Its compadre, the gigantic donut float, is still a hot item within the pool, as are several versions of the giant unicorn and parrot. If your pool has a super shallow area, consider either an in-pool lounger that immerses you, or a pool-safe immersible lounge chair.

Start with these True Fashionista ideas, and your backyard summer is on its way to becoming a celebration all season long!





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