Rules for Linen and Seasons

To linen or not to linen, that is the question. Aren’t you glad you have True Fashionistas by your side, watching out for every crucial step in your fashion-forward linen journey?

Tradition lumps linen in with white, as far as those sticky rules as to when its ok and definitely NOT ok to wear it. A light, breathable fabric made from the flax plant, linen, along with its summer fashion cousin the color white, has become the perfect answer to summertime and hot, humid climates in general. As full-time residents of said climates can attest, the weather doesn’t change much after Labor Day, or quite possibly well into November some years. It stands to reason then, that linen could be comfortably, fashionably worn through most of the year in any sub-tropical climate.

Contrary to popular stateside belief, the whole seasonal linen rule is strictly ours. The rest of the world wears it pretty much whenever they want without fear of offending others or following someone’s old-time fashion tradition. In an effort to catch up with everyone else, we’ll let you in on a few of the key things to know about this all-important True Fashionista fabric, and why you can absolutely invest and enjoy the benefits of linen clothing.

Orvis says that a pair of linen pants is a wardrobe must-have that pairs well with just about any shirt. Available in a range of colors and hues, linen can be stylishly matched and worn throughout the year. Just be ready for the inevitable wrinkles that occur with linen and accept the fact that the “rumpled” look is a given. If you’re not looking forward to putting away the linen during colder weather, heavier linen blends like linen/rayon are now available so you can get your linen fix all year long. It’s also stylishly available by many well-known True Fashionista designers, including Lilly Pulitzer, Prada, and Michael Kors.

Several other key factors may get you on the linen train if you’ve haven’t done so already, including the fact that linen is non-allergic. Its neutral pH balance offers the good chance that those with sensitive skin or afflicted with common skin conditions like eczema will have good luck wearing linen. It’s also antistatic and won’t cause those annoying static shocks when you touch metal. Linen is able to absorb up to 20% of moisture and still feel dry, a big advantage in those warmer climates. And, does it get better? Linen is highly stain-resistant and easily washable, actually becoming more True Fashionista comfortable each time its worn. And It’s 30% stronger than cotton, lasting years longer than typical cotton clothing.

Designer Eileen Fisher has been a linen fan since 1984, says Vogue, creating her first four shirts using a linen-cotton blend and including linen in every spring collection, “What I love about it, it’s not just cool, it’s really unbelievably cool. It is so durable, and it can either be fresh and crisp or rumpled up,” she says, “I like the easy styles and that sort of billowy quality that it has.”

Fashion has spoken. Linen is here to stay, True Fashionistas!





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