Oh, how we love a good pair of sneakers! A fresh pair of trainers should be as much a part of your collection as your new Prada bag and Manolo Blahniks. For this thought we headed to Urban Thesaurus in order to fully immerse ourselves in the sneaker freaker experience. We were pleasantly surprised to find a lengthy list of colorful names for the rubberized footwear we’ve come to know and love. Our favorite at the moment is “duh dunt duh dunts”, which specifically refers to True Fashionista Chuck Taylors, a true classic.

Chuck Taylors, named for the 1920’s basketball star, was the world’s first high-top athletic shoe, and helped set the stage for modern versions of the sneaker. However, it wasn’t until the 1950’s that sneakers jumped into the fashion ring, thanks to actors Marlon Brando and James Dean who started sporting them in their films. Jump ahead to 1984 and Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan. A rookie at the time, Jordan signed a five-year endorsement deal with Nike, and well, we all wanted to Be Like Mike. Air Jordans were launched the next year, and the modern “sneakerhead” culture was born.

Now before the image of your Brooks workout wear acquired specifically for sweaty early morning outdoor bootcamp classes completely overtakes your thoughts about uppies, um, sneakers, keep in mind that there are many True Fashionista kickz out there to pair perfectly with summer styles in many occasions that don’t require head to toe Lululemon outfitting. Not that that’s a bad thing…

Leave it to Jimmy Choo to take sneakers to the next level, as they launched a diamond-encrusted version in 2018 that retail into the thousands. Says company Creative Director Sandra Choi on the brand website, "I imagined how it would feel to step into a multi-faceted diamond, playing with the sense of lightness and clarity the different angles reflect. It was from this idea the Diamond sneaker was born." Choo was definitely onto something, and is in good company.

Keds has collabed with Kate Spade to create New York Kickstart All Over Glitter sneakers. Pink and sparkly and simple, these puppies will amp up even the most basic of outfits. Or try out the APL Phantom leopard print sneaks. They’ll work great with boyfriend jeans in both dark and light colors. Cole Haan checks in with their Grand Pro tapestry floral print tennis pick-ups They’ll definitely make a statement on or off the court! Brooks Bedlam running shoes has a sock-style construction and red, white and blue color scheme so you are most definitely seen, whether you’re running on a sidewalk or running the show at your next socially-distanced soirée. Jeffrey Campbell’s chunky Marathon “dad” sneaker features a vivid splash of color along with suede and mesh panels. And who can even resist True Fashionista faux fur on a sneaker?

Dressing up these True Fashionista exclus (Again, Urban Dictionary) are a snap, as explained by NotJessFashion. Sneakers work with a cool striped jumpsuit, a floral matching set, even an animal print maxidress. For loud prints, they suggest, you can’t go wrong with one of these two options: A more demure trainer in a neutral hue or a sneaker in a bold color to compliment the print. A relaxed pantsuit also pairs well with snuits (seriously, look it up), especially those made with linens or at least a looser fit. Pair a bell sleeve or petite ruffled look with sneakers for a simple, innocent presentation. Sneakers will also work with the monochrome look. Head to toe all black? Go sneakers. Pastels? Sneakers! Superga x Jocelyn 2750 nylons bring on fantastic pink tufts of the stuff. How cute is that?! Pair ‘em with jeans and a sweater.

For a selection of sneakers updated daily, as well as some fan-freakin-tastic outfits to go with them, visit True Fashionistas online, in store or in our eBay store. Mix, match and have fun in some nice fresh kicks this summer!