Here at True Fashionistas consignment store, Naples, we’re surrounded by our fave designer clothing, accessories, and home décor like, all the time. #Dreamcometrue, but enough about us, let’s take a moment to delve back into the stories behind some of these creative geniuses. Hopefully you’ll be as inspired as we are to search out their designs, too. Happy reading!


You’ve got a major event on the horizon, so you did the smart thing and shopped at True Fashionistas consignment store, Naples for the full designer treatment. Armed with a drop-dead gorgeous Prada dress and Coach purse, all you need now is some stunning footwear. It is a hard decision, no doubt, with so many stellar creations lined up vying for your attention. It’s just something about those Jimmy ChoosREAD MORE


We're turning the True Fashionista lens downward this go-round to indulge our feet in the story of master footwear artisan Salvatore Ferragamo. Hollywood's most famous shoe designer, his designs are favored by top celebrities on the red carpet. They also have their place onscreen, most famously in a little movie about a girl from Kansas. Yes, Salvatore Ferragamo is the designer of Dorothy's legendary ruby red slippers in The Wizard of Oz! If you're as impressed as we are, you should check out other fine designs of his at Naples' best consignment store, True Fashionistas…READ MORE


At an early age, French fashion designer Hubert Givenchy knew that he was destined for a career in True Fashionista haute couture. Born in Beauvais, a town in northern France, in 1927, Hubert James Taffin de Givenchy was the son of nobility on his father's side, possessing an artistic flair from his mother's. After his father passed away when Hubert was 3, he was raised by his mother and maternal grandmother, who instilled in him a passion for creativity, fashion, and fabrics, primarily influenced by his grandfather's extensive collection of True Fashionista clothing from around the world…READ MORE


Luxury brands, big and small, are at the heart of the designer fashion industry. Be it a Chanel dress, Dior tote, or Christian Louboutin footwear, name matters when it comes to our True Fashionista choices. Walk into True Fashionistas consignment store in Naples, and you're instantly surrounded by a seemingly endless volume of high-end brands and designer shopping opportunities.

However, what if a label were SO exclusive that locating their offerings is a challenge and thrill unto itself? Can you imagine a brand so high-end as not to offer e-commerce or do any advertising, one that exists solely on word of mouth and the pretty pictures, but no purchase options, on their website? Welcome to the world of Goyard...READ MORE


When you think of true American style, one name immediately comes to mind: Tommy Hilfiger. For decades, Hilfiger's classic designs have graced the runways and red carpets, dressing some of the most iconic figures in the world. From preppy All-American classics to True Fashionista chic eveningwear, Hilfiger's timeless designs are beloved by countless celebrities and fashionistas alike. See what everyone loves when you shop the evolving selection of Hilfiger designs at True Fashionistas, Naples’ best consignment store. But why all the cray cray? Well…READ MORE

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