Fashion is about staying ahead of the game, is it not? Straight from the runways, we've got the take on some of the hottest looks for spring because planning before you hit the stores is a good thing. Shop for spring haute couture at True Fashionistas consignment store Naples, where you can find a vast selection of authentic designer handbags on consignment as well as hip fashions. Shop online 24/7 or visit our store and catch the vibe from our friendly, knowledgeable staff.  

Let's dive in, shall we?  


The message was clear in recent spring designer shows. Summer is coming early, with tops cropped short and bottoms starting in the low-rise region. Prada's Miu Miu division offers carefree low-rise capri/blouse combinations, dangerously high crop tops paired with a new definition of short shorts. At the same time, Vaquera's black Cha Cha Blouse has enough oversize ruffle to grab focus from its high-cropped shoulder strap presentation.  Balmain offers a line of crop tops that fall a bit lower, but not much, in their line of cropped looks with sweaters, tweed, denim, and more fabrics in an array of True Fashionista patterns and colors.  


The fashion world has your best interests in mind when it comes to those April showers. This spring's lineup of trenches is as stylish and reinvented as ever. Case in point: M.M. Lafleur's Jensen silk trench. As they tell us via the web, their spin on the classic trenchcoat has all the hallmarks of the traditional design: wide lapels, a throat latch and hook closure, storm flap in back, adjustable sleeve belts, and a wide, waist-defining belt. According to Chief Creative Officer Miyako Nakamura, their twist on it was to style their True Fashionista coats and jackets to vaguely resemble shirts. Since the Jensen is fashioned from luxurious silk, it could be worn as a blouse, making it the statement piece in your wardrobe. She adds that they also designed this coat with roomy pockets because "we know how you feel about pockets."  

Balenciaga, who outdid themselves by creating a Simpsons-themed video for their spring show (It's a must-watch!), also redefines the trench coat with innovative cuts like an off-the-shoulder piece in reversible colors. At their show last fall, performer and superstar influencer Cardi B attended the attended decked out in, of course, head to toe Balenciaga. Her ensemble included a vibrant newsprint patterned trench, oversized hat, black gloves, and black pointed-toe boots.  


As you very well know, florals for spring aren't exactly…say it...groundbreaking, but stripes are most certainly having their day this spring. Tory Burch, for one, is all over spring stripes. Inspired by legendary American women's sportswear designer Claire McCardell, whose designs instilled a sense of freedom, encouraged self-expression, and empowered women with a casual elegance during the late 1940s, Burch's spring line reflects her ideals.  

Burch herself describes the line as a delicate tension between McCardell-styled retro and modern, "The season reflects these then-radical ideas with a mix of versatility, function, integrity, and joy." A striped silk-cotton boot is a tasteful reissue of a McCardell design. Many garments in this spring line feature stripes in varying patterns and placement.  


When Pantone announced Illuminating Yellow as a 2021 color of the year, the design world was inspired by happiness's message. And voilà! Spring fashion 2022 continues to ride the hue with a mélange of looks. Look for yellow in various shades like marigold, lemon, buttercup, honey, banana, daffodil, and more, lighting up the streets as warm temps arise.  

It's practically an unconscious move for our True Fashionista Florida fave Lilly Pulitzer to include yellow in their designs. Along with shades of pink, green, blue, and all shades in between lies yellow blending in just so. From sweaters to resort wear, shoes and accessories, LP's got ya covered for all things yellow at the best designer consignment store, True Fashionistas.  


Did you head down to True Fashionistas, Florida's largest designer resale, and consignment store, a few years ago to consign your minis when things trended toward longer skirts? Time to replenish, since the miniskirt has once again graced the spring runway, and you know a fresh crop of designers are ready to share their spin on this classic. Whether you prefer a sporty pleated tennis skirt, slick leather mini, or even a flowy mini tent dress, you'll shine in one of these numbers. From Ted Baker London's A-line leather mini skirt and L'Academia' Perla style with tasteful additions to Vineyard Vines' classic, simple style, the mini is an excellent refresher for post-winter forays into the outside world.  

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