Have you binged the hottest Netflix series at the moment, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”? Or lost yourself in her best-selling book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing…? If so, then you’ve probably taken a good, hard look at every piece of clothing in your True Fashionista closet to decide if it really does spark joy or not. We’re hoping you followed Ms. Kondo’s advice to pile it all up on the floor and decide if that Louis Vuitton blouse is still spark-worthy, or your prized Prada bag remains as valued as it was, say, last year. (Well, of course it is, dahling! Prada doesn’t age. lol)

Once you’ve put back ONLY the post-tidying, joy-sparking pieces, then you’re ready to rebuild, but where to start? Think about the basics, the clothing that mixes and matches well with virtually anything, be it other basics or the trendier stuff that comes and goes seasonally. It’s important to remember once again what all that tidying up advice taught you; every piece needs to spark joy, or why bother? Here are some ideas for those foundational items to reboot your True Fashionista collection, courtesy of Money Crashers


Black pumps can dress up everything from jeans to office wear. Focus on quality and go for a closed, almond-shape toe, which holds up quite nicely to the waves of pointy-toe and round-toe trends. Matte leather will also transition the seasons better than shiny patent or suede. You’re looking at spending $100 -$200 on a quality pump that will last.


Trench coats look good on everyone, plain and simple, belt adjusted as needed. The trench coat works on rainy days and you can’t knock that professional image it exudes. Although you may automatically run to Burberry, Banana Republic and London Fog make a nice coat as well.


Paired with flats, dark wash jeans can go to a casual meetup; add a dressy top and heels and voila! You’re ready for party time. Keep in mind to buy the right jeans for your shape. Higher-rise straight jeans are ideal for apple shapes, pears look great in boot-cut, and ruler shapes can um, rule skinny jeans. Bonus jeans tip: Wash them inside-out in cold water to maintain that rich dark color. Expect to spend anywhere from $50 – $100. 


Typically, a pencil skirt is the most basic type of skirt to include in your freshly-tidied closet. If pencil ain’t your thang, an A-line will do the trick with a tucked-in blouse and belt. A neutral-colored pencil skirt pairs well with just about anything. 


Knee-length, flat heel riding boots never go out of style, and work with just about every outfit . Frye makes a great quality boot, and since they’re actually made for equestrian purposes it also means they’ll last a long time. If you crave a heel, go for one with a thick, stacked heel under two inches. 


Stylist Anne R. says, “Put your white tee to work. It anchors statement pieces like printed shorts, colored denim and layers perfectly under sweaters.” Versatile, cool and workable all year long, ya gotta have at least one. 


Stitch Fix suggests an LBD with a high neckline and semi-modest length for maximum versatility from day to night. Look for one that fits closely all the way down and should be pretty simple. You add the personality with accessories and shoes. 


A good blazer works with jeans and heels, and can also pair well with a cocktail dress. Its classic cut flatters virtually any figure. Go for a basic black blazer for a quick way to look put-together and polished. Blazers should hit just at the hip, with the highest button that best suits your body type. 


This is the one bag that flows nicely from season to season. The structured shape goes with work clothes, but also works for casual shopping trips, and the neutral color works in any season. Cream, brown, and black are all classic colors that remain timeless. 

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