By now, the holidays have (hopefully) long been packed away. Although you’ve vacuumed a hundred times, those last stray tinsel pieces and Christmas tree needles seem to forever escape suction but, no mind, it’s a new year and time to get your True Fashionista home refresh in motion! Our friends at Elle Décor have some great tips as far as what’s in and what’s gone the way of 2018. 

Sustainability, as in less is more, is the frame of mind these days. Hop onboard the tidying craze (Thank you Marie Kondo!) and work toward downsizing as you’re overhauling your space.  When you are deciding on pieces to dress up a particular room, Elle suggests your purchasing behavior to be as strategic and purposeful as possible, paying attention to the values that your intended pieces stand for, the type of materials used to make them, and also to strive to build an impeccable foundation through the use of timeless materials. 

Kitchen design trends, says Elle, will continue to lean toward innovative new designs, such as clever, concealed storage, pewter and gunmetal hardware for the sink, and a vintage vibe with natural stone, hand-wrapped rattan furniture, fixtures and lighting. Emilie Munroe, of San Francisco-based Studio Monroe, predicts an end to purely white kitchens in 2019, ushering in accent color in places like counter stools or a patterned roman shade. 

Be on the lookout for the color of year nightwatch green, as noted by our friends at Best described as a moodier alternative to hunter and bottle green, nightwatch green looks great with high-shine finishes and elements. Consider also this shade in a rug set against a luminous marble floor. Maybe you can apply this hot new color to another 2019 trend in kitchens, colored cabinetry! Designer Sara Ianniciello of Manhattan-based Whitehall Interiors suggests making a statement with deep or grey-washed blues paired with fixtured and hardware in brass and other contrasting metals. 

Convertible urban dwellings complete with movable walls and multi-purpose built-ins like murphy beds are trending for 2019 as well. Which slides right into the next forecast…compact and multifunctional furnishings. More often found in city and urban dwellings, these furnishings can adapt to different spaces and make the most of a smaller space. Interior designer Kristen Pena agrees that multifunctional is the direction in which many are headed, as she finds an increased number of clients looking to simplify their homes and interiors. A chair and drink table combo from BDDW is a good example of this trend, she points out. 

Pena also sees the use of oxidized oak as a hot furniture element in 2019. This blackened version of tried and true white oak, she says, will provide the comfort and grounding people are looking for in their spaces. This feel will extend to our beds as well, shares designer Joy Moyler, “”Beds are going to be more womb-like. There are so many things going on in the world, and we desire to feel nurtured and protected when we are sleeping and/or relaxing. Lots of upholstered headboards and footboards will be sheathed in comfortable textiles that feel like a warm hug.” We’re looking forward to embracing this cozy trend!

Statement ceilings will make an um, statement, in 2019, says That’s right, look up for something unique! Ceilings haven’t been an interior design trend since the molded tin ceilings of the 1920’s.  From expressively painted to lacquered, to wallpapered and molding covered ceilings, there’s much to be said about the enticing visual impact. A True Fashionista reimagined ceiling can make a room appear larger, brighter and best of all, more memorable than any common accent wall could.

Additional interior design trends to be looking out for include live plant walls, curved furnishings, geometric/tribal patterns, innovative uses of metal and customized, handmade pieces. And did someone say art deco? It’s a fresh world of ideas to brighten your home base, so make 2019 YOUR year and update away! 

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