Its not too late, ok its never too late, to shop. As each season rolls around, it’s not just the shape of what you wear, but the hot colors and materials that can make or break the outfit. If you’re still in need of some pieces to complete your summer wardrobe, we’ll give you the rundown of what’s making up that True Fashionista look that you’ll be rocking just right at your next poolside barbecue.


This year its green, baby! Several shades of green had been showing up on runways earlier this year, and lately its all over the place. Kermit green, Gomora green, grass green, avocado green, pea green, you name it. Maybe it’s the eco-friendly mindset we’re all doing our best to adopt, but green is a hot shade this summer. Rihanna went so far as to release a new Shrek-green lingerie via her Savage X Fenty line recently, as Elle takes note, and well, when Rihanna’s in it, the world notices. Picture green against a beach sunset, and well…yeah. The green wave may also be a result of the legions of Stranger Thingsfans excited for Season 3. Nike is releasing a line of Hawkins High clothing and footwear in honor of the characters’ high school. Its main color? Green green green!

Whowhatwear agrees that although slime green (IKR that’s the actual name!) had its moment earlier this year, the trend has been leaning more recently toward sage green, as displayed on runways during Stockholm fashion week. Its close relative on the color palette, dove blue, leans a bit on the pastel side, but works perfectly for summer given the right style. Lemon verbena is also an it-shade currently. Its bright hues might bring to mind a fresh pitcher of lemonade on the picnic table. Just don’t call it yellow . Other colors to look for this season include dusty pink and, um really, beige.

Four shades of summer’s True Fashionista neutral color showed up in Pantone’s spring runway trend report, and were seen in collections from Tibi, Dior, Kenzo and Stella McCartney. “It is unusual to see so many monochromatic tones appearing at the same time,” stated Lee Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute via the Zoe Report, “however there has been a movement to showing similar families of color together. It is always a ‘safe’ way to go when combining colors as there is a natural blend, especially for those people who don’t want to get too adventurous with color and want to keep it low key.”


So take that beige and picture it with a mélange of colors in your summer patchwork crochet outfit. Yes, we said crochet, and we don’t mean the quilt that Grandma made. Crochet pieces for summer resort-wear from the likes of Oscar de la Renta, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Michael Kors showed up at New York Fashion Week back in September, notes Stylecaster. Crochet tanks and bikini tops? Yes! Casadei Crocheted ankle boots? Yes again!

Shiny, futuristic PVC made its entrance last year, and its not going anywhere. Look beyond the raincoat; PVC has been embraced by the likes of Christian Louboutin, Balmain and Nana-Nana’s Not a Trash Box bag.

Worn True Fashionista denim makes a statement this summer, both as a fabric and in patches. Marques Almeida, Isabel Marant and more have released lines of fashionwear made from comfortable, breathablE denim, and denim patchwork ensembles from Coach 1941 and Missoni are a hot look as well.

OK yes it looks like tinfoil, but we don’t actually believe that the same material you cover casseroles with is also on fashion runways. Then again, crazier things have happened, right? Milly and Area showcased shiny metallic-looking fabric in their pieces earlier this year, as did Custo Barcelona, Jill Stuart and others.

With all these exciting colors and textiles to choose from, summer 2019 is shaping up to be another True Fashionista hot one. See you on the beach!






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Jennifer Johnson