It’s such a warm fuzzy memory…you and your siblings hurriedly sitting down to inhale a bowl of cereal, toast, fruit and of course glass of milk before rushing out the door to school. The tiny corner of the kitchen where you shoveled your Lucky Charms barely fit all of you and your stuff, but you made do. Was the table formica? Just wondering.

New home construction and remodels quite often incorporate a breakfast nook into the plan these days, aided no doubt by designers who have noticed that lately people tend to prefer a booth to a table and chairs when dining out. Designer Laurel Harrison insists that the booth experience is happening around the country as designers channel their childhood memories (see above) into cozy spaces. Even owners of larger homes with full island space and seating are requesting the built-in comfort of a breakfast nook. DSI Kitchens suggests a spot by a window as optimal for your nook. You can enjoy natural sunlight and a view of the backyard while relaxing with your morning joe or perhaps a cup of afternoon tea and that good book you’ve been meaning to read. Its also a handy place for party buffets, and with that a spot for guests to convene.

Over time, the True Fashionista breakfast nook has come into its own. Although still a cozy corner that is secluded from the main part of the kitchen, breakfast nooks these days typically have some type of banquette style seating featuring a cushioned bench against the wall that surrounds the table on two sides, leaving two sides open for chairs and/or traffic. Breakfast nooks are made for comfort and convenience, whether it’s a Sunday brunch or just taking some time out to sit down and think. Some families even opt for benches on both sides, and keep in mind benches also make great storage areas as well. The key to the optimal breakfast nook, recommends designer Anna Gibson for, is making sure that there is enough space for people to sit and stand from it easily.

Better Homes and Gardens suggests taking the window idea as far as incorporating a wall of bay windows into your nook area, or if space permits, installing benches on three sides, leaving one side open for use as needed. And again, storage storage storage! Add your own touch, be it a vintage, nostalgic theme, sports, family, or anything. This little corner of your world could show your True Fashionista spirit in SO many ways! You could also accent the heck out of your nook with a pretty vase and flowers, pictures placed in a stand-alone frame, colorful fabric pillows for the bench and a nearby hutch in which to store infrequently used linens and dishes. Also, a strategically-placed mirror can open up the dining area to give the impression that the space is bigger than it is. Keep in mind when deciding on pillows to choose stain-resistant fabric, especially if there will be small children around. This is a kitchen area, after all. In fact, with kids in the picture, easy to wipe and clean vinyl seating is a (very!) viable option. Fingerpainting on a rainy summer afternoon, anyone?

Don’t get all caught up with matching everything perfectly, either. Go ahead, put a Victorian table with modern chairs, mix up an array of patterned fabrics, whatever you choose to do. You’ll find that just the right blend of traditional and contemporary will work in your nook.

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