We Floridians ask ourselves questions like the following on a regular basis: Is it really that important to hold onto that True Fashionista Balenciaga wool sweater we bought a couple years ago, wore twice and stored away for the next time temps dip down to the frigid 60s?  Those up north, however, face a deeper set of seasonal wardrobe rules that include the infamous “no white after Labor Day” deal.  

We say it’s 2021, people! When so much more, like our health, is a focus these days, it may just be time to toss the idea of seasonal fashion rights and wrongs and go with the proverbial gut. With the plethora of available fabrics, is it really all that important to focus on wool and cashmere for winter when so much more is out there? Plus, sadly, how much time are we really spending outside anyway, what with a global pandemic still raging a full nightmare year later? When normal winter life resumes, we can call ourselves ready to HIT IT, be it the slopes, the office or the dance floor. Don’t worry about rules; they were made to be broken! Feel free to wear whatever makes you feel amazing.

Still. No need to deny yourself a gorgeous wool coat, a staple in any proper winter closet. Opt for shades like biking red, chilli pepper, tiger orange, dark cheddar and almond brown, recommends Shweta Singh for British fashion site Trench coats in unpretentious earthy hues such as evening sky deep blue would also be a classy addition to your closet for neutrals that mix with colors throughout the year. Your winter work trench coat can be swapped with an all-season True Fashionista relaxed fit, pointed-shoulder Louis Vuitton blazer. As a general rule, blazers are comfortable, versatile and inclusive for all body types, and seasons.

Layering is key to your intelligent, multipurpose closet. True Fashionista pieces from your spring, summer and fall collections can be repurposed and layered to build winter looks. For example, a summer sleeveless dress paired with a thick mid-length cardigan is super stylish yet functional and warm when you need to be. A spring beige trench coat can be paired with a striped shirt and jeans. Your favorite linen blouse also looks great over a dark shirt, with ankle-length skirt and boots during the winter.

Neutrals are your True Fashionista friend for tossing winter rules out the window! Transcending the seasons, you can mix and match your beiges, whites and blacks, and layer away to create a multitude of ensembles regardless of the time of year.

While we’re breaking winter wear rules, keep in mind the fabrics that keep you warm that don’t necessarily bring a roaring Vermont fireplace to mind.

Leather, everyone’s fall go-to, works as a wind-breaker against bitter winter breezes. It’s also naturally water-resistant, tough and versatile. Leather clothing will not only keep you warm, but also pairs well with other pieces and always looks cool.

Your wool separates have an obvious home in your winter closet, as they retain warmth while wicking moisture away from your skin. Wool has its place in the summer as well, with help from designers like CHLOÉ and Merino who specialize in comfy, year-round wool clothing.

Silk can be considered a winter fabric, surprisingly. It doesn’t conduct heat, which automatically makes it a good choice for keeping you warm in the winter. It's also quite absorbent for warmer months. Because silk is such a strong fiber and can be spun super fine, silk fabric is used in a wide variety of textures and weights. Designers that make True Fashionista winter clothing include August Silk, Burberry, Milano, Valentino and the made-to-order Etro Zante line. None even closely resemble a parka, yet all will do the job to keep you warm out on the patio during your work break in January, and comfy in the park on a picture-perfect May day.

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