It’s the new year and fresh beginnings mean taking a good, hard look at the most frequented room in the house for a do-over. No, not the bathroom, silly. Time to dig through your kitchen and decide which might be the most True Fashionistathings to keep, then sell the rest at your local luxury home consignment store (hint, smile and bow). Whether or not you choose to use the Marie Kondo method of dumping everything on the floor for this particular project is up to you.

Professional organizer Lea Schneider shares the following downsizing tips for What’s Cooking America:

  • Ask yourself if you need some of it but not all of it. As far as sets of silverware and coffee cups go, is there a need for the 30 assorted mugs crammed into your cabinet? How often to you serve coffee to this many people anyway? Purge ‘em all and replace with a beautiful complete set from True Fashionistas Home.  
  • Keep only one way to cook something. Do you really need that hotdog cooker when a frying pan, pot of boiling water or outdoor grill can also do the trick? Same thing goes for the four-cup and eight-cup coffeemakers. Choose one, purge the other.
  • There are so many gadgets and appliances. These are the things that take up valuable space on your countertop, as usually they’re too big to conveniently put away when not in use. Yes, freshly-baked bread smells lovely, but didn’t you pledge to go keto or low-carb for the new year? Maybe there’s no longer a need for that breadmaking machine. The average homeowner typically gets trapped in the multiples maze. Ask yourself: do you really need both a blender and a Vitamix? Both a toaster and toaster oven? If you haven’t used one of them in months, it can probably go. The other question to bring up here is if you’ve only used that gadget you had to have only once. Another sign that its time for it to go.

Consider the mixing and baking bowls conundrum that quite frequently happens in kitchens worldwide. Yes, we mean the one taking place in your hallowed ground right now. Are there really seven oven dishes, three pie tins, six serving bowls, three cheese boards and five mixing bowls fighting for space in your cabinets? You know what to do, and head to True Fashionistas Home for gorgeous and...key word here…matching sets of mixing bowls or measuring cups that all nest nicely for smart storage and look beautiful on your counter or table.

Another source of kitchen overcrowding is that “fine” collection of towels and potholders stuffed into a drawer or two. The are two things that quite often pile up as souvenirs or collectables. Decide the few that mean the most and fit the best and, well, you know what to do with the rest.

While you’re scanning the kitchen with a critical eye as to what’s next, it might not necessarily be what’s within the cabinet, but the cabinet itself. We often get so used to seeing that kitchen cart beneath the window, we forget that what’s inside of it can either now fit elsewhere or it can go with the cart itself. Think of all the space you’ll free up with this decision!

True Fashionista Home is the happy destination for your castoffs. Downsize your kitchen and consign away to your heart’s content. You’ll make money with which to update and upgrade your home while also giving your place a fresh start for the new year and great times that lie ahead. Check us out online or our eBay shop, or browse in-person safely and socially distanced in our Naples, FL store.