Wait what? It’s hot; it’s still summer. Yes, we live in and for fashion, and yes, all the virtual runway shows happened a good few months ago, but now is as good a time as any to share the True Fashionista trends on the rise in our near future. We’re taking our educated guess to predict what is going to be on your back, and our racks, through the new year. Maybe by One One Twenty-One (We said it first, mark that!) we won’t even have to match the mask to the ensemble. It could also be said that all this mega-quarantining may have inspired designers to come up with this year’s fresh looks.


The Trendsetter reports plenty of neutral colors for your collection. The natural tones have been a mainstay over the past few seasons, and will fit just exquisitely into your True Fashionista fall agenda alongside all your skinny pumpkin spice latte. Leather skirts, chunky booties and a turtleneck in varying neutral shades of sand and camel bounce well off a purse featuring shades of autumn colors like dark reds, oranges and yellows that evoke images of falling leaves. Consider a crochet bag and sandals to accompany, for as long as you can realistically wear them, which here in Florida is always.


While you’re looking for neutral additions to your wardrobe may we remind you that glitz is far from gone. Maximalism was also all the rage on the runways, indicates Harper’s Bazaar, with shiny, sparkly outfits from the likes of Balenciaga, Erdem and Oscar de la Rente making a stand among the fall standards. C’mon, a girl’s got to have something to wear on the town, even if the town is half empty, right?


Shades of blue provide the perfect transition to cooler weather, insists Colorful4U. A cool blue pattern pairs well with high-rise jeans from say, Dolce and Gabbana or Marc Jacobs. Blue styled with naturals are a must this fall. Pair your power brown suit with a shiny blue bag, or go monochrome in either hue. Grab your bomber jacket , or get a fresh faux leather one from the likes of Stella McCartney to pair with your jeans and blue patterned pullover, and winter will call you up for a brisk walk around the park.


Speaking of which, when the wind whips up and you’re thinking about a nice long coat to cut the chill, consider a yellow or orange maxi coat. These exciting, vibrant shades match well with virtually any outfit and enable spotting from yards away!


Watch out, 80’s fans, slouch boots are baaack. Time to put aside the booties and rock the True Fashionista knee-high leather version in cream color to make your fall/winter 2020 statement. Whowhatwear agrees via this affirmation from Mytheresa’s Tiffany Hsu, a prominent buyer for the company, “The midcalf and knee-high boot is going to be bigger than ever, with designers focusing on this height and less on the ankle boot. The key trend from this was the boots worn under midi skirts, especially in bright ways."


Maybe it was all the endless Tiger King bingeing while home back in the spring, but tiger prints are raging this season. Brighten your monochrome outfit a coat or dress in tiger print, and snag the bigger names like Ganni and Georgia Alice offering a sleek version.


Accessorizing this season is sleek and simple. Chain necklaces paired with hoop earrings bring back traditional in a classic style for both the office and the social setting. Be it big and bold hoops and a chunky necklace or small and refined, this True Fashionista pair goes with everything and is screaming to be seen.

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