"I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity — all I hope for in my clothes." 

-Yves Saint-Laurent (Liveaboutdotcom)

They’re as American as taxes, and as True Fashionista as it gets. We love our jeans! It is fair to guess that a sizable chunk of our population wears them every single day, dressing up or down as the day dictates. What’s more, even with evolving trends, denim never goes away; it’s just continually repackaged, season after season and met with open arms. Jeans adapt and keep on, and although 2020 has been a real stinker for a bunch of reasons, its looking like another exciting year as jeans go. Grab that mask and head out with us for some denim perfection.

The past few years have reintroduced high-waisted and vintage-inspired styles, and this year those looks are sticking around. Pair ‘em with fall colors like mustard, dark fuchsia, navy and sandalwood. Grab a gray oversized pullover with dark jeans and booties. Done. Pair a red-hued cardigan over a t-shirt with light wash jeans and Gucci sneaks. You’re ready to kick up some leaves into that fresh autumn chill.

If vintage denim is your thang, high-waisted, wide-leg styles like DL 1961’s Hepburn will no doubt be pervading everyone’s wardrobes soon enough. C’mon, Hepburn is in the name, you know you want ‘em! Skinny jean-lovers will be thrilled, too, thanks to the continuation of this trend. No matter the style of your go-to pair of jeans, you’re sure to find something for your fall ensembles.

Really, tho, this year it’s almost if any jeans just need to be their True Fashionista selves to be a hit. As Maggie Griswold reports for Stylecaster, tons of jean styles have shown up on the virtual runways and can be found around this fall. Whether you do ripped and distressed, skinny leg, boyfriend, mega wide leg, tapered, boot cut, mid rise, high waisted, or cropped, there’s a jean for everyone.

Current jean trends even include looong jeans. Paired with a tiny top while its still hot or a fuzzy cropped sweater later on, these extra long versions are being championed by brands like Paris-based Vêtements and London’s Marques'Almeida, and contain no stretchy material whatsoever. Elle UKs Bibby Sowray and Natasha Bird muse, “Think Farrah Fawcett on that skateboard, Thelma and Louise mid-road trip, Jane Birkin in her spliced and re-stitched flares.”

When you want the skinny, but can’t fully commit, Victoria Beckham’s split-hem flares will do the job. They appeared in her 2019 spring/summer show, growing in popularity ever since. “Second life denim”, or pieces cobbled from two separate pairs of jeans create a cool, environmentally conscious two-tone design. Kendall Jenner has been seen sporting it, so why not? In that same vein, mentions Elle, is the idea of “green denim”; not the color, but eco-friendly, sustainably created jeans from companies like J Brand and London/Los Angeles-based FRAME.

Patchwork jeans made a resurgence in Dior’s 2021 Cruise show. Before you get visions of the hippie 60’s in your head, this year’s model by designers like Hellessy and Still Here have made this jean style fresh and hip once again.

"In Texas, we practically come out of the womb in jeans."
-Kelly Clarkson

Jeans have a storied history, as chronicled in these very True Fashionista pages. First making their splash in the early 1900’s, Levi Strauss’ “waist overalls” were a must-have for the manual labor jobs in the Western states. Hollywood made jeans cool via westerns in the 1930’s and James Dean’s “bad boy” jeans-clad image sealed the deal in the 1950’s.

Jeans are here to stay, and for that we say yay! Shop our constantly evolving selection at True Fashionistas online or in-store.




Jennifer Johnson