As we do the deep dive into summer (already hitting temps in the 90’s here in Naples, FL, home of True Fashionistas Resale, the area’s best designer consignment store), we’re eyeing our summer outfits, and that means: accessorizing! Three cheers for all the extras, peeps! Here’s a quick rundown of some True Fashionista faves happening for summer ’21.


We are NOT going to group face masks with fun summer jewelry, are we? Yes we are! Mask necklaces have turned that tiresome must-have into something a bit more fun and definitely more stylish. By hanging your mask on a fabo chain, you’ll free up your focus and not have to worry about forgetting it in the car upon venturing (Gasp!) indoors. The best ones are light enough so as not to annoyingly pull on your mask, which also reduces its effectiveness, yet creative enough to rope in a few compliments throughout the day. Designers are even getting in on the idea, like Ariana Ost’s crystal mask chain or the colorful beaded version created by Éliou Rivoli, which also offers convenient tiny alligator clips to attach to your facial covering of choice. And don’t forget, these True Fashionista babies work perfectly well with your sunglasses as well!

Keeping the longer chain in mind, it also happens to be a hot trend in standard necklaces as well, replacing your typical shorter choker necklaces. Look for lariat necklaces as well. Measuring between 30 -50 inches, this necklace variation has no clasp or closure, and each end typically offers a decorative element like a drop or tassel.

This summer, hoops are baaaack. Think smaller and simpler, and also simple drop earrings, given that statement jewelry has had its time. Put the chunk away and dabble in the dainty look of rose quartz. While you’re at it, pop back into gold, which is quickly replacing silver as the go-to metal. Try out a gold beach bead bracelet, another hot item, featuring your name or a message. You can also stack ‘em on and show off the whole family.


This summer, eyewear trends are focusing on the balance of novelty, statement-making frames, and timeless designs. For example, those cooler-than-cool mirrored aviators get an even hipper boost this year with additional lens colors like translucent. You can also turn to oversized extra-large sunglasses remain strong, carried over from 2020. Cateyes are a thang as well, and carry the bonus of making your face look thinner. Retro round frame sunglasses also remain a contender this summer, even without a Harry Potter movie in sight.

While we’re taking shapes, don’t discount big edgy, square sunglasses that are also now available in bright summery colors as well as basic black. Geometric sunglasses in varying degrees of UV protection and number of sides are al the rage and would look great on your face as well.


Nothing puts a damper on a fun summer day like a sunburn. Don’t risk it, wear a hat. This year, the choices of hip, stylish True Fashionista headcoverings are aplenty. Summer ’21 looks include both colorful and practical. For the most basic yet stunning of headpieces, the Ventura Straw Hat with tasteful black bow and wide, flat brim should cut it, pairing nicely with everything from linen pants to floral summer dresses. For the “ponytail/baseball cap” crew, Fiorucci (yes, that Fiorucci) serves up its version of casual cool with a white ball cap featuring two smiling angels on the front. Here in sunny Florida you can e comfortably beach-bound with sturdy, made for the sun Wallaroo hats at True Fashionistas consignment store, Naples, available in an array of bright colors. Fenty’s tie-dye bucket hat can be the door opener for you to discover Rihanna’s hip line. If that’s not quite the bucket hat you were expecting, go for Eric Javits’ Driptidoo Patent Bucket Rain Hat. This waterproof, high-gloss bucket hat will protect you from the daily tropical deluge of Florida life, and look hip and cool wherever you may be otherwise. Erdem’s floral print bucket hat also comes with matching face mask so clip on your dazzling necklace or mask chain and you’re safely good to go this summer. 

Here’s to a healthy, fun and hopefully carefree summer possibly spent outside of our homes. Find a burst of summer accessories at True Fashionistas Resale, Naples’ best consignment store, for all of your summer fashion needs. Shop safely in-store, online or in our eBay   store.