Trends come and go, but classics stay forever. You’ve heard it, you know it, you live it. However, just in case you’ve been questioning your collection and what remains on the floor post-purge for eventual designer consignment (shameless self-promotion moment, and proud of it), we’ll help with a refresher on some True Fashionista must-haves that have only grown finer with time. Having a knowledge of which items have the highest resale value is a must, as well as the ability to recognize the fickle nature of trends and the importance of investing in solid, trusted pieces to round out your collection. Here is a solid checklist from which to start:


The iconic wrap dress was invented by Ms. Diane von Furstenberg to satisfy a desire for a quiet, zip-free item to quickly put on when she wanted to slip out early without waking whomever it was sleeping next to her. Starting with that reason alone, you should invest in your own wrap dress, a fashion classic. Another would be that they are flattering, effortless and just make you look and feel good. Count on them to stick around always.

You don’t have to be a sailor to look like one thanks to the Saint James Breton. This striped classic was brought to the fashion world by Coco Chanel and it just screams comfortable casual style. On the other end of must-haves, lets stick with Ms. Chanel for her True Fashionista tweed skirt suit.  Taking inspiration from the clothing that her boyfriend at the time, the Duke of Westminster, would wear, Coco created an everlasting piece of style that endears to this day.

Quick mention of the slip dress by Calvin Klein, a wardrobe essential that provides ease of mix and match that has been recently revived, and of course, jeans jeans jeans.


The Hermès Birkin is a True Fashionista common sense staple that rightfully deserves its place in your wardrobe. Exquisitely crafted, versatile and worth however much you might pay for it, the Birkin is a timeless piece that goes in the same key accessories category as the Cartier Tank Watch and Love Bracelet, and Burberry scarf. A couple of other key pieces that withstand the test of time include the Prada backpack and, for those moments when you don’t need to carry so much, the Fendi baguette. This puppy is such a classic that the company has completed a recent update from its aughts introduction to appeal to a whole new generation of shoppers.

A must-have facial fashion accessory for the spf-conscious masses are those endearing Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. As trends in eyewear shapes and styles come and go, these reflective Ray-Bans just refuse to stop looking cool. Ever since their invention in 1936 for (you guessed it) pilots, their popularity has continued and it’s not going away anytime soon.


For your classic coats, jackets, blazers and such, we need to drop the name Burberry once again. Their beige trench coat has served as the foundation of the Burberry brand since 1912. Through only slight adjustments over the years, its classic True Fashionista look casually matches virtually anything, especially the namesake scarf made to match.

There’s also no discounting a good, solid black leather jacket as timeless staples go. Wear ‘em with high-waisted jeans or over a floral tea dress and utility boots; it’ll just work. Acne Studios and Saint Laurent know this. They both have permanent collection pieces, you know the ones with the angled zipper and belt, that show up year after year. Like beige, black with goes virtually anything, so keep one of these around.

When you’re feeling like an evening in the countryside, feel fashion-secure in a lovely True Fashionista Barbour coat, known to grace the closets of British royals and supermodels alike. Easygoing, waxed and waterproof, these classic jackets are a win all around.


Grab your Manolo Blahnik pumps and squeeze ‘em tight, but no worries, they’re not going anywhere. That is, if you want a True Fashionista pair of classics in your closet and who doesn’t? A beauteous pair of MB court shoes will last and look good with tons of True Fashionista mix ‘n match ensembles, which is the definition of a classic.  Consider them a way to dress up without trying too hard. Other goodies taking up space in your shoes section should righteously be comfy Gucci loafers and yes, bring on the Converse All-Stars in about a zillion colors and patterns these days!

Our True Fashionista Resale collection is always full of both classics and classics-to-be. Find your next piece of your timeless wardrobe either in our Naples, Florida store or online and eBay anywhere!