THE 10 COOL THINGS EVERY FASHION GIRL WEARS |  truefashionistas | Women’s Fashion and Clothing


How do they do it? Carefree, confident and rocking the perfect look every time, a fashion girl has a firm grip on the latest trends, and more often than not, what’s oozing timeless classic as well. So how do the rest of us keep up and join the True Fashionista crowd? Besides shopping on a regular basis at a certain consignment store, Naples, and trolling Instagram nonstop, we’ll lay it out with the following handy list.
FASHION COLOR TRENDS FOR FALL 2021 |  truefashionistas | Women’s Fashion and Clothing


Straight from Pantone courtesy of WWD come the most anticipated True Fashionista color trends to know about this fall. Thanks to vaccines, there is an undeniable air of hope and optimism abounding for ‘21, and fashion is happy to reflect it in street style and more. Back in December, as Layla Lichi reported, Pantone revealed that Illuminating — a bright yellow hue — and Ultimate Gray are its 2021 Colors of the Year, as both represent unity, stability and hope. Perhaps Pantone Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman put it best, “When the gray clouds disperse, we see the sunshine.” Aside from these two, several energetic colors stood out on the Fall ’21 runways, like a denim, close to sky-looking blue, gorgeous greens, a proper brown in outerwear, fiery reds and luscious auburns and comforting beiges.
HISTORY OF SKIRT LENGTHS |  truefashionistas | Women’s Fashion and Clothing


“How’s your hemline hangin’, baby? “ said no one ever, until we did in this here blog post. When it comes to skirt length, or hemline, a familiar term which didn’t even come to be until the 1930s, fashion over the years has dictated a real hemline journey both up and down, albeit primarily since the twentieth century. Up until then, all True Fashionistadresses and skirts were primarily ankle-length.
THE RETURN OF THE HOUSE DRESS |  truefashionistas | Women’s Fashion and Clothing


Fling open your closet and ponder whether or not you own a simple, made to be lived-in dress, the kind that can effectively be worn to both run to the store and enjoy your latest streaming bingefest. If pictures of your mom flood your brain at this particular moment, don’t be shocked. After all, the True Fashionista house dress has its place in history.
FOCUS ON CLASSICS |  truefashionistas | Women’s Fashion and Clothing


Trends come and go, but classics stay forever. You’ve heard it, you know it, you live it. However, just in case you’ve been questioning your collection and what remains on the floor post-purge for eventual designer consignment (shameless self-promotion moment, and proud of it), we’ll help with a refresher on some True Fashionista must-haves that have only grown finer with time. Having a knowledge of which items have the highest resale value is a must, as well as the ability to recognize the fickle nature of trends and the importance of investing in solid, trusted pieces to round out your collection. Here is a solid checklist from which to start:
BACK INTO BLACK FOR SPRING |  truefashionistas | Women’s Fashion and Clothing


The endearing color of cool is poised to maintain right into spring. Granted, black is as True Fashionista  a color as ever. However, in the face of our ongoing pandemic situation, emphasis on black makes that statement of commitment toward the fight that continues in the US and worldwide.
WHAT TO FLUSH FROM YOUR FASHION RADAR IN 2021 |  truefashionistas | Women’s Fashion and Clothing


Yes, we know you’re hardly going out and there’s not really anything going on at the moment STILL. However, we choose to look on the positive side knowing there’s better to come, so you might as well be ready to emerge from your proverbial curfew cocoon bedecked in the latest styles. In other words, it’s time to ditch what’s SO 2020 in order to present your best True Fashionista looks for the New Year. Don’t forget your matching face mask (cue eyeroll).

FASHION WEEK REIMAGINED |  truefashionistas | Women’s Fashion and Clothing


Here we are over six months into a pandemic, but the world must go on. The fashion world, like everyone else, knows full well that now more than ever the masses need, crave actually, fresh designs and the runways with which to introduce them, even if it’s mostly the live streaming version. Who better than True Fashionista creative design types to come up with a way for Fashion Month to still somehow happen? All that quarantined creative spark has had to go somewhere, and from what we’ve heard and seen from the initial party, aka New York Fashion Week, the new fashion normal did not disappoint.
TEEN FASHION REPORT |  truefashionistas | Women’s Fashion and Clothing


We’re focusing on the younger set for this edition, because c’mon, they’ve got their social media finger on the pulse of all that is True Fashionista fashion, be it on TikTok, Instagram or occasionally donning a facial covering to venture back out into the real world. They’re paying attention, and designers are paying it right back. Check out HerStyleCode as a convenient one-stop idea shop for your fall and winter outfits, accessories included. Then read on for more hip ideas so sick (Maybe that’s not the best hip teen adjective at the moment!) you’ll be perusing Teen Vogue all season long.
SO MANY SKIRTS! |  truefashionistas | Women’s Fashion and Clothing


It’s not a question of when, but how, will you be wearing a skirt? Today’s selection? Tomorrow? Not to mention as always, who will you be wearing? After so many months of sheltering and zoom meetings, we’re ready to make our lower halves important once again, and what better way to accomplish that  than by donning a stunning, True Fashionista skirt to strut your stuff into a socially distanced, sanitized setting this fall and winter?