OK, so we’re spending inordinate amounts of time in front of screens these WFH days. When it comes to checking in and participating in your weekly (daily?) Zoom meeting, you want to rule the grid, right? The world may have basically stopped, but we’re still here to search out some True Fashionista trends so, you know, there’s a reason to get excited and face the smiling mugs of your coworkers. Don’t forget lipstick!


This season its padded headbands that are coming in as a True Fashionista adornment to crush it even on a bad hair day. Also known as hatbands, the padded headband owes much of its lasting impact to Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton started sporting them last year, and before you knew it, Prada was sending them down its spring 2019 runway, shares Justine Carreon for Elle. Maybe it’s the largeness of the padded look, but maybe, just maybe, we feel like royalty herself wearing them? Wear yours in the center of the head or pushed back to keep the locks out of your face for closeups. Find ‘em in print or a single color, and they go with virtually anything, or rather any shirt ensemble, Zoom-ers. The headband/puffy sleeve ensemble has had some fans as well; feel free to puff it up! Cosmo also points out that Lele Sadoughi and Jennifer Behr have designed some trés chic headbands for your accessorizing excitement.


The hoop earring is BACK! True, it never went away, we just like to say that for effect. Adorn your head with an array of updated True Fashionista hoop styles, just be sure to tastefully tuck your hair behind your ears in order to show ‘em off to the crew. Time to really dig into your jewelry box to rediscover pieces you probably forgot about. Throw on a chain necklace, maybe a brooch even to go with the hoops and you’re ready to go.


Really, whatever you may be wearing, be it pajamas head to toe or a (we won’t tell) two-day old tee shirt, just put a blazer over it and…instant dress up! A True Fashionista BCBG number or one from Michael Kors will make the meeting every time.


While pants sales are sinking, online pajama sales are surging by a whopping 143%, as CNN reports. There are many waaaay cute sets out there with a top that cuts it online day or night. Free People’s So I Gathered set goes for a Bohemian vibe, while silk is as smooth as it gets with a set from Parachute. The gang could very well perceive it as luxe athleisure. (Win!) The petal heart Madewell pajama set offers comfy shorts that no one will see, in 100% cotton will. You could also be the brightest part of the meeting with the silky ensemble from Summersalt Cloud 9. Check out the fine pajama sets available at True Fashionistas online as well.


While your bottom half is going full-on casual with sweatpants, leggings or last night’s jammie bottoms, the upper half needs some proper business casual to keep your place in the virtual office food chain. A nice polo, like the sleeveless style from G/Fore or a longsleeve from Theory pull it off nicely. Throw a vest on top of a tee-shirt for instant dress-up, or go with a knit halter-neck top for an elegant yet relaxed option. Drop the AC and cozy up to your screen in a cropped cardigan. Think bright yellow since outside your quarantine world springtime is happening. While you’re choosing the top of tops, keep in mind an interesting neckline, a true eye-catcher. See more great Zoom pairings courtesy of WhoWhatWear.

Find these and other top – bod trends at True Fashionistas, both properly social-distanced in-store and online. Happy Zooming!