As fashion trends continue to unfold and evolve, it never hurts to pause for a moment and reflect back at who was there to help pave the True Fashionista way. So often we turn to today’s celebrities to show us what’s hot, but it can also be helpful to look at style icons from years past for further insight. Truth is, today’s designers still draw inspiration from these icons; no reason why you can’t as well. These ladies figured out what’s new, what worked for them, and in the process influenced the masses for generations to come, without a single “Like”. Toss open the closet doors and let’s look a few…


In 1961, Hepburn’s Holly Golightly character from Breakfast at Tiffany’s introduced the world to the Little Black Dress, forever attaching her name to this True Fashionista classic piece. When she wore one with a three-strand pearl necklace, tortoiseshell sunglasses, that updo, diamond earrings and her iconic long cigarette holder, Hollywood and the world took notice. Here is a great book about the fashion powerhouse of Audrey and Givenchy showcasing the partnership that set the stage.


Before Megan Markle, Grace Kelly showed us how to transition one’s public perception from merely celebrity to royalty as Princess Grace of Monaco. She lived up to her name, too, showing the world a calm demeanor and polished, elegant look in her new regal role.  A few of her signature pieces included dresses with a wide neckline and classic pumps. Accessorizing was a major part of her look, so if you’re ever going to channel the good princess, consider perhaps a fun pair of faux diamond drop earrings, simple pearl necklace, and softly colored clutch. Here is a great book about Grace and Dior showcasing her long and loyal partnership with the House of Dior.


Courtesy of, we give a nod to 60s rocker Janis Joplin, whose iconic look defined the term bohemian, and the movement that went with it. Piling on feathers, jewelry and loose, brightly colored clothing, Joplin brought her look alive with each performance given in her tragically short life. She was a fan of accessorizing, and although it may have looked a little too much on others, with her it just plain worked.


The picture of glamour, Elizabeth Taylor oozed Hollywood chic wherever she went and whatever she was in, be it her clothing, portraying iconic film roles, or at her on -and-off again husband Richard Burton’s side. With his dashing, dapper looks and her sense of style, they were an unstoppable Hollywood couple. Taylor fancied furs, feather boas, plunging necklines and eye-catching headpieces.  If it was new, different and out there, she was on it.


Diva? Um yeah. Fashion icon? Definitely. From her supercharged voice belting out hits from the Supremes to her solo career, Ms. Ross has carried it all through the decades with sexy, sophisticated outfits, glamour, and that hair, all conducted with an air of elegance. Her wardrobe featuring a whole lot of purple (her favorite color), has always leaned toward a very feminine approach to beauty and fashion that is simultaneously trendy and classic. (Forbes)


…“I want to be Jackie Onassis, oh yeah!”…Jackie Onassis by Human Sexual Response (1980)
From her True Fashionista Halston pillbox hats to simple tailored ensembles, Jackie O’s chic yet simple fashion sense resonated throughout a generation. Her taste leaned toward impeccably tailored dresses, skirts and blouses, accentuated by a simple pearl necklace and those giant sunglasses. Her outfits were often finished off with a pair of now-famous-thank you-Jackie Jack Rogers sandals. 


Well of course she makes the list, she’s Marilyn Monroe! In outfits ranging from short shorts to a floral day dress, Monroe’s look was the picture of easy style and vulnerability, which did well to hide her troubled past and difficult adult personal life. However, on the outside, she was everything perfectly suburban fifties. Her fashion sense of colorful outfits complete with hot pink gloves and red lipstick was augmented with mounds of costume jewelry.


No, it doesn’t run in the family, and no Katherine and Audrey aren’t even related! That said, Katherine Hepburn pioneered the art of women wearing menswear, aka classy pants suits. Onscreen, she refused to wear makeup, and created her own personal style that captured the American look.  She did wear the occasional evening gown or peter pan collar blouse, consistently honing a look that was completely her own. Learn more about here very own rebel chic style here.

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