If you’re reading this from your cozy abode situated nearby a stunning array of tree color, chances are that the weather situation is screaming for a True Fashionista  leather jacket. In brown, of course, by the trends we’re seeing lately. If you happen to live in tropical environs like we do, we can only look forward to a couple months from now or perhaps a purposeful lowering of the house AC for a little pretend action. Hey these are crazy times…

Like winter coats, and its sister black leather moto, the brown leather jacket has always been the epitome of classic cool when it comes to fall style. This season however, runways are harking back to the warm, earthy tones of pre-masked days. Varying shades of brown have become a thing to be seen in since the beginning of 2020, only recently taking over leather motos, patent trenches, and pocketed wrap jackets. It’s not just an outerwear thing either, as we’re now seeing brown sweaters, boots and purses as well. By now, brown has proven its staying power, and there’s no better time than the present to invest in a brown leather jacket. Consider an oversized blazer, possibly a shirt jacket in a variety of beautiful brown hues, from affordable faux patents to real leathers worthy of the investment.

Although the heyday of the brown leather jacket would be WWII era bomber jackets, (for women we have two words: Amelia Earhart), it was during WWI that German fighter pilots began wearing them. As Leather Skin Shop tells us, the True Fashionista brown warm bomber jacket was a convenient and sensible choice of outerwear for pilots who had to experience extreme cold at high altitudes. A part of military uniform, the aviators of that time could never have guessed how essential the timelessly chic style would become to the fashion-forward just a few years later. Granted it was mostly men at the time, but outside of Ms. Earhart, women caught on to the brown leather jackets trend in the 1970’s and 80’s, thanks to rocker chicks like Joan Jett, The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde and Deborah Harry of Blondie. These oh so cool peeps took the look a step further, adding buttons, studs and pins to their looks, and fashion went crazy!

No worries, modern brown leather jacket fans, several designers have got your True Fashionista back. All Saints has designed the Dalby brown biker jacket fitted for women, while Ganni’s wrap blazer jacket will work for dressier fall occasions. In a completely oxymoronic yet trés chic manner, Nanushka’s Cancun vegan leather blazer is a stylish nod toward sustainability. If you’re ready to go all faux, Lvir’s brown faux belted jacket is a lovely addition to your guilt-free wardrobe, as are faux patent leather trenchcoats by Leith and Sam Edelman.

When you’re out there, putting together a plan for which brown leather jacket to acquire, check out the edges of the jacket. If they are blue, it means the manufacturer more than likely has taken a shortcut during the process, risking a faster aging process. Here is the science from our friends at Leather Skin Shop: Each hide has a part called wet blue. If the tannery hasn't completely processed the hide, the blue part will continue to show. And there ya go.

Now that you’re excited and prepared to find a brown leather jacket that just screams YOU, make True Fashionistas your first stop. Our ever-updated collection is available in our Naples, Florida store, online or in our eBay store.