Our world is getting smarter and smarter, and by that we specifically mean our homes. What with Alexa, touchscreens, programmable water faucets and ovens that you can turn on from your phone from halfway around the world, the True Fashionista future is here. It should come as no shock then that interior design trends are looking to be warm, cozy and reflect the home as a place for refuge and coziness. What is so exciting about trend-seeking this year, confirms Aida Sniraite, interior designer and owner of Authentic Interior, is that we will be witnessing how materials, colors, and textures will cohabitate with humans during the years to come as well as adapting it to our needs now.

Straight off Milan Design Week, Ms. Sniraite calls out “humble” textures like hemp, terracotta, plywood and rattan as trends to look for in 2020 in home design. Since things like rattan are somehow synonymous with our beachside environs of southwest Florida, call us ready for this one! These natural textures are complemented with an urge to beckon in natural light as well. Before you buy, take a moment to observe how the light falls in various points around the room throughout the day, and use this information to help you decide how to divide up the space for various activities. No matter how soft the lighting from a lamp may be, it’s still no substitute for the real thing.

In a definitive contrast to these comfort foods of familiarity, marble is also poised to be a True Fashionista thang next year, be it in a tasteful vase or entire wall. That marble bathtub idea you’ve toyed with in the past? Now is the time to do it. Stick that marble coffee table in the living room, and beside it a True Fashionista giant rock of, yes, marble.

Now with all that marble in your home, aren’t you thrilled to find out that carpeting is making a trend comeback in 2020? Yes, you too can control all that extra reverb from the plethora of marble with a nice swath of carpeting in your pad (lol carpeting humor). Straight from Milan, carpeting is not just a trend on the floor; take it to the walls and the ceiling even! From Rob Ellis at DFS courtesy of HouseBeautiful, 2020 will herald a time of smart stitching detail to usher in pattern and decorative finishes on sofa arms, footstools and cushions. Cool wall coverings will not be just for carpet, either. 3D wall coverings are a hot item, especially using bouclé, that looped yarn found in many subtle shades, for a raised “curled” quality that radiates True Fashionista sophisticated yet cozy. While we’re talking pattern, be on the lookout for color trends, particularly muted pink, baby blue and neo-mint green as pattern faves this coming year. Then trim it in dark ebony, walnut and steely grey furniture accents for a final touch. Patterns both geometric and floral (think: wallpaper) will be all over walls this next year. Velvet is also on the rise for ’20, with its perfect blend of luxury and comfort, claims Erica Davis of Orlando-based Collected Interior Design. Sofas especially will be a hot velvet item in a palette of exciting colors.

In a bold reversal to all these comfy cloth ideas, hard to believe that mixed metals are also going to be a True Fashionista decor trend, but yes metals like silver, gold, tin and copper will be hot, with tin as a go-to for backsplashes. Davis warns against mixing more than three metals in one room, however.

In the bedroom, canopy beds are baaack, and not just for the little girls in your life. Think of your canopy bed as a serene, comforting place to escape. For a tester canopy, try layering fabrics or use a light breathable fabric to amp up your sleeping experience.

One last thing to look for in 2020 is well, stuff. Like, a lot of it as minimalism is out and maximalism is in. Embrace the grandeur with big, bold bright colors, gaudy décor and color abstract paintings. You may need to Konmari a bit, but have fun and do it up!

We’re looking forward to a fun, decorative kind of year, so be sure to stop by the True Fashionistas Home for some great buys on the hot trends for 2020. Look us up online or shop in our Naples, Florida showroom for a continuously updated selection.