No sooner do we finish off Thanksgiving dinner then its time to kick into holiday shopping mode. If you have that friend who’s just GOT to have the hippest, latest stuff, then she goes and gets it, which leaves you out in the proverbial cold when it comes to choosing the right gift, well, we’ve got some True Fashionista ideas to compliment her perfecto style, and no worries, there’s enough here to snag a little something for yourself as well. Grab yourself a cup of dairy-free, non-GMO eggnog and read on…

When one travels, especially over the holidays, one needs a hip, secure suitcase, and who better than Globe-Trotter to safely store your goods? Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill, past owners of this brand, represent a solid endorsement. Founded in Germany over 100 years ago, Globe-Trotter is the purveyor of these travel cases, where they are handcrafted by skilled artisans, featuring an impeccable design and vintage look with fine leather straps and corner trim. Classic styling and luxurious materials make you the True Fashionista at baggage claim. What?! Your neighbor has one? Go Fendi, babe.

If you just can’t stop at the Fendi luggage, their Karligraphy shawl, freedom pink sunglasses or Fendi earrings also make the perfect stylish gifts. It may be our Naples, Florida environs, but a visit to the beach is always a must in our world, so if you’ve got a friend who thinks the same, think about complimenting your Fendi sunglasses with the Ibiza beach mat by Loewe x Paula, or perhaps a Pippa Holt No. 168 embroidered cotton kaftan.

Accessories do make great fashion-leaning gifts, and, as Vogue points out, an Alexander Wang Wanglock rhinestone envelope clutch is a standout this year, given its uncanny resemblance to a business envelope encrusted in rhinestones. You’ll be the hit of the party! In case it rains, don’t forget your Chanel umbrella. They also make fine gifts. Hey, its Chanel, yes?  If you’re going for a retro look, Prada has reissued their colorful 2000 handbag, and your bestie would l-u-v you for it.  Your, we mean, your gift-ee’s living room wouldn’t be complete without a set of Louis Vuitton monogrammed coasters or Emilio Pucci heliconia-print silk cushions.

The fashion-conscious musician in your circle would enjoy the colorful psychedelic guitar case from Gucci, while your chef buddies would most certainly be thrilled with a La DoublJ Wildbird-print cotton canvas apron or colorful Versace Holiday Alphabet porcelain Christmas plate for holding cookies or holding up the wall. And for that person whom you can never peg, like a new friend you want to gift but don’t know well enough, you can always bail with a candle. In our world, that True Fashionista candle would be the French-made Diptyque limited edition Feu de Bois version thereof. 

Count on Gucci to know what’s up in cool holiday gifts. Their black Gucci logo tights cost under $100, but we won’t tell anyone. Pair them with the latest in headband fashion, the padded version from Maje with a plaid motif that says it all. For added measure check out the tortoise squiggle hoop earrings from up and coming accessory brand Giovanna. To top off the party look, gift your bestie with a Staud moon leather shoulder bag, available in a festive red for this and future holiday seasons. No wait, the outfit is now complete with a cute-as-pie red wool Baker Boy cap by Rusian Baginskiy.

Whether a holiday gift grab or Secret Santa looms, you’ve now got plenty of fashionable suggestions to fill the idea void in your head due to oversugaring from Christmas cookies or one too many viewings of “Polar Express”. Be sure to stop into our True Fashionistas Resale store should you be in Naples, or check into our online shopping options.

Our thanks to Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for the great suggestions.

Jennifer Johnson