You, good friend, know that consignment shopping is the way to find True Fashionista designer clothing, footwear, and handbags at a fraction of the original price. Recent findings also indicate that this very kind of shopping you adore is conveniently a way to stay ahead of any possible recession in our economy. Now that's a True Fashionista win for both you, savvy shopper, and True Fashionistas, Naples' best consignment store.


Believe it or not, we still feel the effects of the Great Recession of 2007-09, when millions lost their jobs. With so many consumers cutting back on spending, all True Fashionista retailers felt the pain.

You may recall how, In November 2008, Saks rocked the fashion industry when it slashed prices by 70 percent to clear out inventory. Competing major retailers quickly followed suit, sinking their profit margins. Store buyers became more conservative, stocking less inventory and focusing on items that had performed well in the past.

Fast fashion happened in response, quickly becoming the norm for millennials looking to dress professionally on a budget. Once things leveled out and they realized that designer quality lasts longer, haute couture experienced a reemergence.


Luxury goods still reigned among the wealthy during the Recession. Items with noticeable logos experienced resistance as shoppers began looking for lower-priced, lesser-known designers. There were rumors of happenings similar to that of the French brand Hermès, maker of the coveted Birkin bag, who was letting self-conscious customers carry their purchases out in demure brown shopping bags rather than their much more noticeable bright orange ones.

No worries here; your authenticated Hermes purchase at True Fashionistas consignment store, Naples, will be placed in our signature bright pink bag for all to admire!


Sustainability is a growing focus for design houses, and the effort to reuse authenticated designer clothing continues to grow. In turn, consignment shopping is hotter than ever. Find out with the wide selection of top luxury designer names like Michael Kors, Tory Burch, and more at True Fashionistas, Florida's largest lifestyle consignment store.

Streamlining your wardrobe is not only good for the soul but good for the environment, as well. At this point of continuing climate events, becoming more sustainable with our fashion habits has never been more vital. Learning to be more mindful of your True Fashionista purchasing will likely result in less waste due to regrettable impulse buys. That's good news for our planet, as around $165 million worth of clothing ends up in landfills yearly, according to

By exercising sustainability and consignment shopping with True Fashionistas, the best designer consignment store, you're saving money on authentic designer fashion while keeping clothing out of landfills. You're also helping someone somewhere make a living while looking thoroughly glam and hip for mucho less bucks.

Consignment shopping at True Fashionistas can ultimately get you through tough financial times and carry on with fantastic clothing, accessories, and home goods while times are both good and bad. Treating yourself to something special is always a lift to the spirit, regardless of the situation.

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