It’s a True Fashionista trend that’s been on the fashion radar for almost 100 years, if you can believe it. Clothing intentionally missing a piece here or there is not only very much still on trend in 2022 but also raging, baby. You may harken back to spring/summer 2017 when we couldn’t get enough of cutout shoulders, and labels like Victoria Beckham, DKNY, and Zara churned out the “cold shoulder” look by the dozen. Then in 2020, they got their moment again, and we do mean moment, as cutouts were quickly squashed by pandemic-induced loungewear and slippers.

The cutout look is back in 2022, but this time in inventive spots, many of which can be found at True Fashionistas, the best designer consignment store. This time, choose from a wide variety, including traditional oval and circle-shaped keyhole cutouts right down to raunchy versions with holes up the side of the dress. Tastefully placed cutouts give an almost corporate feel with clean-cut minimal lines and unique details like waist tie-ups and chains that elevate them anywhere from tiny slits of skin to sultry front cutouts.  

If you’re still not convinced why cutouts are here to stay, we’ve rounded up a few True Fashionista cutout fashion finds and info, so you’re ready to hit it hard. These pieces will convince you that options are piled high when it comes to cutouts.


There’s nothing like a celeb rocking an outfit that makes it instantly hip. In the 1930s Bette Davis wore one with the tiniest cutouts, enough to cement a spot in fashion history. Thirty years later, Diana Rigg wore a cutout jumpsuit in the cult TV series The Avengers. Then in 1990, its was Julia Roberts’ turn in her breakout Pretty Woman role to wear a racy cutout dress.


The front cutout is often a daring reveal, such as Zara’s ankle-length cutout knit dress with a round neck and long sleeves. The Asio bodysuit number by Simon Miller also has long sleeves, plus two small cutouts just under the neck and an oval above a circular cutout, while Fox’s Keyhoe Midi dress combines a scoop neck with cutout hole just beneath it that situates it just above the midsection. You might also like a cutout that isn’t round at all, like & Other Stories’ fitted cutout top that offers a diamond-shaped cutout hole just beneath a v-neck, or Cult Gaia’s Marigold honey knit dress with a pair of diamond-shaped cutouts in front.


Many choices exist should you desire to show off some side skin. Enjoy options like a sleek True Fashionista Ivy Mini dress from Wayf,  where a complete shoulder cutout on the left is complemented by a tasteful waist-level ratcheted cutout on the right. LNA offers up ratcheted waist cut-outs with their comfy, casual Quinn cutout dress. Shop both brands at Naples’ best consignment store, True Fashionistas.

Love denim? Love cutouts? Get on with a denim dress from Mango featuring cutouts on the right and left waist.


The 2022 cutout craze goes so far as to drop enough cloth to create a crop-top look, like Hansen + Gretel’s Serpentine midi-dress. Featuring a slit-skirt, the dress also offers a top that is merely cloth in front with a strappy look attaching it to the skirt and connecting straps in the back. Pair this with heels for an evening look to turn heads.


Cutouts may show some skin, but the rest of you might need some warming up. For that reason, we offer a cutout knitted top from River Island. Complete with a wide collar and long sleeves, this top’s cutout is an elongated oval in the front.

Ya gotta love a piece of clothing called “Get Out There.” Created by Free People, this is a mock turtleneck sweater with slim cutouts happening tastefully in the front shoulder area.

The people at Lulus know the way I feel, or they wouldn’t have named a particular cutout midi sweater dress, um, The Way I Feel. A cropped bodice connects to a gathered band accent and continues to a cutout waist that tops a figure-skimming skirt with a midi hem. Grab the rust-colored one, and a pumpkin spice latte for all the fall feels. See the Lulus collection at True Fashionistas consignment store, Naples.

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