In these days of trying to save our planet, sustainability is not only crucial, it also happens to be all the rage. Given the creativity and spark that happens regularly in the fashion world, there should be no surprise then that many are pitching in to help save the world one guilt-free True Fashionista sock at a time.

Yes, we said socks. Shares Vogue, Stella McCartney has a line produced in conjunction with Osom Brand (famous in their own right for upcycled zero waste socks) that are made with 85 percent upcycled yarn produced with zero chemicals, dyes, or pesticides, therefore creating zero waste. McCartney affirms the commitment on her website, “We’re passionate about working toward a more circular economy, and we want the entire fashion industry to feel the same—this collaboration is helping to promote just that. We believe no materials should be wasted, instead being turned back into raw material, greatly reducing the need for virgin fibers that use up our planet’s resources.” 

No worries. When you’re Stella McCartney, these socks are as hip as it gets, featuring bright yellow yarn to complement whatever sporty sneaker and faux crocodile platform you choose to with which to pair them. She hasn’t slowed down a bit, either since. For her spring 2020 collection, McCartney presented her most True Fashionista sustainable ideas yet.

Healthy Seas Socks is on a similar mission. The sister company to the one that works to recover waste from the ocean is using said waste to produce 100% ecological socks of sustainable nylon and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) biological cotton. Oh, and they’re pretty hip-looking, too. Their website states, “Part of the profit is directly returned to Healthy Seas to ensure that this mission does not end prematurely.”

Lately, statement socks are having their best day ever, and your drawer full of neatly rolled-in-a-shoebox (Thank you Marie Kondo!) socks can be brimming with happiness given these choices. Continuing on the sustainability path, Comme Si offers Cashmere Nonnino socks. They're made in Italy from ethically sourced Mongolian cashmere and are naturally super soft, light, and insulating. Your toes will be warm and cozy all winter long. Amping up the game as they do, Gucci slapped a pair of $1,340 crystal-studded logo socks on its 2018 runway, and Marie Claire indicates that nowadays even Prada is getting sock crazy with their logo Intarsia fishnet socks. Just in case you’re still working the nerve up to don fishnet stockings, these are a nice in-between. Gucci gets guilty with floral lace ankle socks. Dior’s technical cotton socks will keep your feet dry and cozy these last few days of official winter, and Dolce & Gabbana’s sporty polka dot socks will beef up any casual look.

Even True Fashionista politicians are showing off their statement socks. The Guardian reports that Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau chooses themed socks for public occasions, while British prime minister Boris Johnson was actually criticized recently for not washing his lucky socks often enough.

Before we close this post, let’s get to that burning question of all sock decisions: yay or nay on socks with sandals? The Guardian reports that the answer is a definite Yes. However, the statement needs to be quite clear that it is deliberate when you do so. agrees, as was showcased in Ana Sui’s spring 2019 show. Sheer socks like the aforementioned Guccis specifically pair well with dressier sandals, and a pair of socks that tops out just below midcalf will complement all types of leg shapes.

Make your statement in 2020, and get those socks on, girl! Sustainably, of course. While you’re at it, find great designer clothing at a fraction of the original price at True Fashionistas Resale, in store or online.