Your first thought about the blazer is no doubt the stuffy power suit staple, seen in boardrooms round the globe and in like, every job interview ever. Good news, blazer fans, this essential True Fashionista wardrobe piece has been trending back into style lately, making an appearance in many a spring 2020 collection. The blazer’s recent renaissance is proving that you can rock a well-tailored jacket not just at the watercooler, but out on the town, with pants, skirt or just about anything.

Before we dive in to the blazer 2020-style, a quick reflection on the evolution of said piece. Historically, blazers have long been used for school or military uniforms, complete with naval-style metal buttons. They were also originally associated with notable boating clubs, and the term “blazer” was taken from Cambridge’s Lady Margaret Boat Club, the college’s famous rowing club. shares that actress Sarah Bernhardt is said to be one of the blazer’s earliest fans circa the 1870’s, turning heads with a custom-made trouser suit, which she affectionately called her “boy’s clothes”. Her gender-bending continued with an 1899 portrayal of Hamlet. By the 19th century, European women were wearing tailored jackets with long skirts, the outfits dubbed “costumes”. These were worn during activities like riding, walking and archery. By 1905 women were commonly seen in them. In 1914, Coco Chanel designed her first suit – a fur-trimmed jacket with matching ankle-length skirt. In 1949 it was Katherine Hepburn’s time to turn heads when she wore a suit in Picturegoer Magazine’s July 1949 issue. This move spurred mentions in hundreds of different publications, and the blazer was here to stay.

In today’s social media-heavy world, you know the blazer is happening when the Instagram influencers are all about them. Jess Cartner-Morley reports for The Guardian UK that pics cropping up lately are happening in urban settings, with said influencer wearing her new uniform, the blazer with pretty much everything. Slung over a dress or layered over a cozy sweater, the blazer has replaced oversized blackout shades in hipness rankings, and is notching its place into current fashion right up there with Christian Louboutin’s red-soled wonders. A decade ago, she recalls, women would have considered a blazer light-years from what they were not yet calling their personal brand. They would have seen the blazer as smart in a strictly business-y way. But in 2020, worn with a tiered dark-floral skirt, loosely waved hair and mismatched earrings, the blazer goes there, adding a jazzy finishing touch to virtually any outfit. In the age when flat shoes at work is perfectly acceptable, a sharp-shouldered blazer offers the stature we once got from stilettos.

Further proving her point, Cartner-Morley says, “The blazer is looked at as a badge of honor, a membership card of the high-profile fashion tribe who used to be found squished next to each other in the catwalk front row and who now jostle for position at the top of your algorithm-curated social media feed.”

As Madeline Fass concurs for Business of Fashion, blazers have been reconfigured to complement everything from casual denim and resort-wear dresses to suit trousers. The runways revealed an assortment featuring many in a long, lean look with single-breasted buttons hailing back to the True Fashionista 70’s free-spirited glamour goddesses. There were also those that leaned more risqué with blazers that were worn open to reveal skin plus ample opportunities to display an alternative neckline or coordinating bra to match.

Today’s blazers can be found in practically every fabric, from Rejina Pyo Una’s wool blend to a tailored midnight tweed from Rebecca Taylor. Sandro’s flannel tailored jacket revives pinstripes, while Toteme Loreo’s tuxedo blazer jacket has considerable length to further flatter the most elegant looks. The double-breasted crepe blazer from Sara Battaglia features strong shoulders, nipped waist and oversized buttons.

Blazers are hot for 2020, so head down to True Fashionistas to get yours! Shop in our store or online via our updated website or eBay site.


Jennifer Johnson