You can’t argue with the numbers quoted by Vogue in February 2021. In 2019, designer resale grew 25 times faster than full-price retail—and what is now a $28 billion market will more than double to reach an astonishing $64 billion by 2024.  

Pinpointing the trend in 2011, True Fashionistas consignment store Naples responded to the demand for luxury designer goods, opening their doors that same year to both brick and mortar and online shopping to answer the need.  

“People are realizing the value of the dollar,” says True Fashionistas owner Jennifer Johnson. “They want to stretch it further, and they don’t want to compromise style or quality.”  Noticing the lack of businesses in the local marketplace for midmarket and designer pieces available together in one store, she and her husband knew the concept would work. 


A good part of what’s driving the surge in popularity of resale across the industry is an increased focus on sustainability along with a growing aversion to low-quality fast fashion. Consumers want to know their buck can go a little further by buying designer-quality wearables that didn’t necessarily harm the environment in their creation and also won’t fall apart after a few washes. True Fashionistas is also committed to sustainability, as stated in their company tag line, “Going Green the Designer Way.” 


Then there are True Fashionista e-commerce technological innovations like instant authentication apps that give the buyer, and resale retailer, the confidence of knowing they’re getting the real thing, plus the genuine possibility of making money back on your original investment. Designer resale also offers the perfect solution to freshening up your wardrobe with the hottest looks without doing a number on your bank account.  


Since many of us are still spending an overt amount of time in our homes surrounded by our ever-growing collections of stuff, speculation is high concerning burnout as well as net worth of our wardrobe contents. Quite possibly, certain pieces may not still be sparking joy, and we wouldn’t want that! The ease of resale can help bring the magic back if it all becomes a little same-y after a while. Tired of that Chanel bag? Consign and snag a Fendi. Swap your Gucci dress for a Balenciaga. Designer resale gives you options! 


Dolce & Gabbana’s Domenico Dolce explained their approach to resale to Vogue earlier this year, “In doing research we realized, with great satisfaction, that some of our vintage pieces are highly-priced and often requested. We have a large and well-kept archive, and some items are duplicated, as we tend to have a second collection to try to cover all the editorial and celebrity requests we have.”  

D&G aren’t the only ones getting in on the game. Luxury companies started noticing how Gen Zers and Millenials were snapping up iconic products, spurring houses to delve into their back catalogs and reissue versions of their True Fashionista hits. Witness the renaissance of the Dior Saddle Bag, the iconic Gucci Jackie 1961and the Fendi Baguette. Prada has even gone green with the launch of a line called Re-Nylon, which turns salvaged plastic and fishing nets from the ocean into their trademark satchels.  




Johnson says that lesser-priced items mixed in with the more expensive offerings are an aspect of designer resale that is especially attractive to customers. She notes that overall, consumers prefer things like True Fashionista designer bags and shoes, which drives up the number of consigners based simply on demand.  

“We’re very particular in the items that we take at True Fashionistas,” says Johnson, “We curate these items, and we’re very specific to make sure that they are in excellent quality and value/condition.”  

As Naples’ best designer consignment store, True Fashionistas has a growing number of consigners and customers looking for high-end labels. “Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton are the top brands that people are always looking for, says Johnson, who professes her current personal preference for Tori Burch.  

“I think resale is just catching their wind. I see it blowing up, truthfully as the mainstream way that people will shop. They’ll come to us before going to a regular store. Customers tell us that all the time, saying things like, “You guys won’t have cookie-cutter stuff. Not just mall store things.” Johnson adds that people are becoming value conscious as well.  

“Over the last five years especially we have had a 50% uptick in demand and interest for designer resale. Everyone wants the designer bags and shoes. We get a lot of consigners as well because the demand is up.” 

Discover fantastic deals on top-name designer items at True Fashionistas. Before you come in or visit our online store, go through your collection to see what’s ready to be refreshed, and find something authentic and awesome that you’ll love, at True Fashionistas, Naples’ best consignment store!