Welcome to 2020, the year of Classic Blue, the hue chosen to by Pantone Color Institute as its Color of the Year. Before you go racing over to your favorite home consignment store, let’s take a look at just  where and how designers are putting this True Fashionista shade to use.

“We are living in a time that requires trust and faith,” reports Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, in a recent release announcing the company’s 2020 Color of the Year. “It is this kind of consistency and confidence that is expressed by Classic Blue, a solid and dependable blue hue we can always rely on.” Eiseman further explains that Pantone’s selection is meant to challenge us to “think more deeply, increase our perspective and open the flow of communication.”

Pantone took an inquisitive look into the new decade, a quite possibly tumultuous election year and the fast-paced global culture around us, deciding that we all need a break with a reassuring blue that’s full of excitement and confidence. Pantone Color Institute Vice President Laurie Pressman told Time, “It’s a color that anticipates what’s going to happen next.” Let’s see how Classic Blue could be successfully incorporated into your home in 2020.


In the most-frequented, populous room of the home, Pantone 19-4052 makes a great cabinet color, suggests San Francisco-based interior designer Jennifer Ott. She offers, “Classic Blue is a deep “true” blue color in that it doesn’t veer green or violet. It’s lighter than navy but darker than sky blue, making it a ‘Goldilocks’ hue — it’s just right. I liken it to blue denim jeans that you can pair with a shirt of any other color. It’s an easy hue to work into a home, because it plays so well with other colors and can be used in and on any style of home, from traditional to contemporary.” She further suggests that if you’re not ready to do all of your cabinets blue, try doing just the ones on the island and/or base cabinets for a splash of color.

No surprise these days, even kitchen appliances come in an array of colors and Classic Blue is one of them. If you are going to venture into a blue fridge and oven combo, make them the focal point against white cabinets to make them really stand out. A blue backsplash could make the same statement. Another bonus: food and grease spatters won’t be so noticeable, a good point for families where kids are budding chefs.


Just think what this True Fashionista color can do for your bathroom. IKR?! Imagine stepping into a powder room adorned with gorgeous blue shower tile and you’re instantly whisked away to a seaside vacation, where the water and sky match the vista in front of you. Kinda like life in a little resort town on the southwest gulf coast of Florida! Feel free to add all the seashells and palm trees you desire. Now’s the time, thanks to True Fashionista Pantone 19-4052.


One thing that could make the chore of doing laundry go by more easily would be to use a little blue in your room décor. Yes, even washing machines and dryers can be found in this color. Matching cabinets and a gorgeous blue-flavored floor pattern round out the look. You’ll be looking forward to doing your whites in your True Fashionista blue laundry room.


Classic blue may be the very thing to help you unwind at the end of a stressful day, so adding a wallcovering in this hue to your bedroom would be a harmonious touch. Cool colors help to destress. Add a couple of blue-patterned throw pillows or shams into the mix, and you quite possibly could be enjoying a better night’s rest.


Decorative accessories could be your entry in the Classic Blue world. Anything from abstract wall art to throw rugs, accent furniture and more will play off a light-colored background in a simple, elegant and stylish mode.

Looks like Classic Blue could usher in a cool year for your home, not to mention your world. Check out all things blue and more at True Fashionista Home, in-store and online via our store and eBay.


Jennifer Johnson