With the ushering in of colder temps and the official holiday season, we once again turn to tweed, that long-lasting True Fashionista material that somehow both withstands a wind chill and also has its revered ongoing place in high fashion. Sometimes, however, it takes a daring stunt to remind the world that tweed indeed has its place.

Such was the case at the Chanel runway at Paris Fashion Week not long ago, when, according to the Vogue report, French YouTuber and comedian Marie Benoliel (stage name “s’Infiltre”) crashed the show dressed in a black-and-white houndstooth tweed and hat cocked to one side. Jumping onstage jauntily swinging her quilted Chanel bag in step with the models, many in the audience thought she was a preplanned punch line to the show, itself Lagerfeld’s final bow. None other than supermodel Gigi Hadid tapped her on the shoulder and escorted her backstage. Then again, she was perfectly dressed, and everyone in the auditorium laughed along with her, so Ms. Benoliel scored once again, as this was not the first time that she’d crashed a runway show. It was not just the bravado act itself, but her tweed ensemble that also turned heads.

As she regularly does, Cardi B was also in the lens at Fashion week, rocking her Fall 2019 tweed suit. Clad in tweed coat, checked jacket with coordinating trousers, fedora hat and Chanel belt, Cardi stated a passion for tweed loud ‘n clear, and eyeing the trend of throwbacks, Hedi Slimane took inspirations from Celine’s 70’s looks to craft an updated tweed blazer to match with pleated A-line skirts and culottes.

Style Motivation insists that the tweed jacket is a must have fashion piece this winter, sharing outfit ideas to properly help you get your tweed on while avoiding that “heavy” look. They advise you to wear a plain, non-patterned shirt, blouse or sweater underneath the jacket so as to not detract from the tweed. Pair your jacket with a pair of plain black or grey trousers for classy look or go for leggings for a more casual and stylish look. Another option is to start with a plain blouse or sweater, then accessorize with a colorful chunky necklace and big colorful bracelets. Add a black pencil skirt and some knee-high black boots. If you have a tweed jacket and skirt that match you could wear the tweed skirt with this ensemble as well. Really, it’s about updating an outfit that is often viewed as quite old-fashioned. Today’s tweed jackets, however, are made with more style and are an absolute must-have in your fall/winter wardrobe.

Over in the UK, tweed is back in a major way as well, if there happens to be a London jaunt in your winter itinerary. To quote The Standard, “Imagine the Duchess of Cornwall’s favorite tweed two piece had a love child with one of Patti Smith’s tuxedo jackets.” Got it! In style terms, they add, picture an ankle-length Prince of Wales check coat by Stella McCartney paired with catseye sunglasses and a 90’s (also back in style) pair of biker boots. A 60’s inspired tweed skirt from Arket complimented with long white boots and a t-shirt is a True Fashionista thing as well. Cosmo is also on board with tweed, listing it among its top 20 trends this winter.

And just in case you had any doubt at all about tweed, even Bentley, yes the CAR company, is featuring a tweed roof in its 2020 Continental GT models! In True Fashionista Bentley style, DLMag reports, the British carmaker paid crucial attention to the things that matter the most, namely the balance of yarn colors and remaining respectful to traditional weaving techniques.

The tweeds have it! Get your True Fashionista winter tweed styles either online or in our Naples, Florida store, where the temps have an excellent chance of dropping just enough this winter to cozy up to some fine tweed selections from True Fashionistas Resale.

Jennifer Johnson