“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”  —  Miuccia Prada

You know you. In your quest to capture the truest of True Fashionista chic, you need the right pieces to the puzzle, the unquestionable style, the joi de vivre that tells the room that you’ve arrived, baby! Or at least you can set the tone of confidence and self-esteem with an enduring look that compliments your features and body shape. What exactly comprises this outfit of confidence? A fresh pair of Louboutins? Gucci purse? Maybe and mayyybe. Well ok yes of course can’t go wrong there, lol. 

There are a few essential pieces to the puzzle, like where you work, for example. Those in the law profession are required to wear a collared shirt and suit in the courtroom as a sign of respect. A yoga instructor will be attired in workout wear. You must dress accordingly, after all. 

As Ms. Prada reminds us, the clothes we choose to adorn ourselves with show the world what we’re all about. Clothing itself in the form of labels, sparkle or crazy high heels should not be the spectacle but rather the woman wearing the ensemble should be the one spotlighted with the proper clothing choices. Clothing is merely a means to a desired result; knowing how to achieve that result will always involve wearing clothes. Dress accordingly and the life you desire will certainly be within your grasp.

Here are some True Fashionista suggestions, courtesy of The Simply Luxurious Life: 

Dress for Your Life

Only you will know what shoes would be reasonable for your day-to-day duties and whether or not you can wear skirts and dresses or whether you should wear pants. However, often women use their lifestyle as the excuse to not dress well. After all, wearing a dress might be the most comfortable and easiest option in the morning for a mother or busy businesswoman, and as we know, dresses can quickly elevate one’s style whether paired with flats, heels or boots. The key to whatever clothing you choose is to tailor it to your body – size, length, color and fabrics.

Invest in Quality Classics

Refrain from being a slave to clothing by gradually building your closet with quality staples. With the ability to mix and match from year to year with clothing that always looks its best and lets your best self shine, you are reducing stress and allowing yourself to focus on whatever task is at hand with your best efforts.

Beware of Black

Wearing black, while an easy option for nearly every skin tone, can be tricky if not handled properly. Worn close to the face, black can deepen the appearance of wrinkles, lines and shadows. As a way to mitigate this effect, choose your accessories, those closest to your face, wisely – necklace, scarves, as well as the neckline detail.

Better to Overdress

When in doubt, dress well. Even if you outshine the rest of the crowd, you will be noticed for being respectful of the moment, rather than otherwise.  And if you know your body and how to dress yourself well, you will look stunning and create moments of conversation and curiosity that you can make the most of to reveal the gift that is you.

While how you interpret the prescriptions of how to master the art of dressing will be unique to your lifestyle, tastes, age, etc., always keeping them top of mind is never a bad idea. 

Ignore Fads/Trends

Chasing the trends will drain your finances and give the impression of a woman whose only hobby just might be how she dresses. While looking well will always be a priority, a woman who only wear trends projects someone who doesn’t know who she is or is too afraid to reveal her authentic self.  Find your own signature style and revel in it. When you know what looks best on your body and for your lifestyle, you can have fun in your own way regardless of trends. Now that is a habit of a confident woman, and confidence to others in your vicinity is an attraction magnet. Revel in the True Fashionista moment! 

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Jennifer Johnson