There you are, finally back in (insert fave big city here) to celebrate the holiday hustle and bustle and enjoy the winter chill. Before you know it, a brisk breeze has come out of nowhere, causing you to tighten the belt on your maxi coat just a bit.  

What, you’re not wearing a True Fashionista winter coat in this fantasy? Sometimes layering doesn’t accomplish the goal. Time to upgrade to a nice statement winter jacket or coat! We've got some ideas on which stylish pieces should be on your back this season. You’ve got the always-updated collection at Florida’s largest designer resale and consignment store, True Fashionistas, to discover as well. Wrap your hands around a steamy mug of hot chocolate and dive in.  


Think about the parkas of your youth when all that padding meant afternoon sledding expeditions and snowball fights. Now they’re just plain back on-trend and ready to wrap you in stylish comfort and warmth. Marmot’s version was rocked by late rapper Biggie Smalls back in the day, and it will do the same for you this season.  

You could also cozy up with Canada Goose’s Rossclair parka, complete with a fur-lined hood, or KÜHL's SPYFIRE® down parka. Available in hoodie, jacket, and thigh-length versions, the SPYFIRE® combines high-tech fabrics, premium goose down, and precision design that delivers lightweight warmth. 

French house Moncler also serves up a fine line of designer parkas, and down jackets in their We Love Winter campaign. Featuring iconic Moncler designs in their famous Boudin quilt, winter will look so True Fashionista on you in one of these! Available in varying lengths. 


In the milder winter environs of, say, southwest Florida, a trench coat works perfectly. You can find a collection of this year’s designer choices at True Fashionistas consignment store, Naples.  

We’d be doing an injustice if we didn’t mention the staple Burberry Kensington double-breasted trench coat. Complete with a detachable hood and double row of oversize buttons down the front, this statement trench screams True Fashionista style.  

Gucci offers up their version of the trench coat in the same maxi length and silhouette. Its wool fabric will better face chilly winter temps. Try it in caramel and check often for it at Naples’ best consignment store, True Fashionistas.  

Dare to wear winter whites? It really is a thing, as characterized by Rachel Roy’s white trench coat. Save it for dressier occasions, especially with its True Fashionistas sleeve ties. 


To rock a super puffer black winter jacket is one thing. Thanks to brands like Farm Rio, you can puff up in exciting patchwork prints as well. Farm Rio’s Mixed Abstract Patches puffer jacket is also reversible to match any outfit or plans. Their puffers are eco-friendly as well, using at least 75% recycled polyester to create the wadding. Check out their Juliana Stripes and Green Cool Leopard puffers as well for more patterns and puffiness! 

Babaton brings that love of one’s bed to your winter outdoor traversing with the Duvet Puffer. This puffer maxi coat is warm and cuddly, just like your bed. It’s also 100% responsibly sourced goose down and engineered to keep cold weather o-u-t.  

Have your faux leather and puffer, too, with En Saison’s vegan leather puffer jacket. It’s black, it’s (almost) leather, and oversized to fit with any ensemble beneath.  

True Fashionista fave Tory Burch serves up a cropped performance satin down jacket in cool navy. Made of premium-grade duck down fabric, it's warm and snuggly and is roomy enough for winter wear beneath.  


One of the hottest trends this winter is faux fur. This guilt-free approach is more affordable and True Fashionista than ever. Be it puffer jacket, maxi coat, or just a collar; the haute couture world is on it. Best of all, as far as the collars go, when the excitement wanes, simply remove it and stash for the next go-round.  

Cole Haan offers a mid-length coat with a faux collar in several shades, while Asos Designs has developed a bonded Sherpa jacket. Ralph Lauren does a puffer-down belted coat with a faux fur collar.  

Eloquii’s checkerboard patterned faux fur coat makes a cozy statement. Speaking of snuggle time, Subi has a shearling robe coat this year that is complete with tie-front closure instead of buttons looks convincingly like a bathrobe. On a blustery winter day, this one will turn heads on the street for sure! 

Also, on the faux leather front (Remember “pleather?”), houses like Versace, Givenchy, Eddie Bauer, Michael Kors, and more offer exciting outerwear without hurting a single creature this season.  

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