Yes, we know you’re hardly going out and there’s not really anything going on at the moment STILL. However, we choose to look on the positive side knowing there’s better to come, so you might as well be ready to emerge from your proverbial curfew cocoon bedecked in the latest styles. In other words, it’s time to ditch what’s SO 2020 in order to present your best True Fashionista looks for the New Year. Don’t forget your matching face mask (cue eyeroll).


The skinny jean might just finally have had its time. Professional fashion-trend analyst and forecaster Marie-Michèle Larivée reports for, “The skinny shape took over the jeans market in early 2010; it was the key shape to wear. However, fashion is a cycle and the pendulum is slowly swinging to the other extreme. Skinny jeans will be replaced by a looser fit of jeans and a flared leg.” Time to toss those jeggings aside in favor of relaxed, boot-cut and boyfriend-style jeans.


Ditch the houndstooth for classic flannels and plaids this winter. Face it, the nineties are baaaack, but only to a degree.


In 2021, you no longer will need to spend hours at the rack for just the right True Fashionista ripped look in jeans. Face it, although ripped jeans are great for concerts and festivals (Remember those?), they’re not much for a good first impression or fancy restaurant.


Bell sleeves made a splash for a bit in 2020, but the design is heading out the door, say the stylists. This retro look had its True Fashionista moments, however the look was a bit impractical, like when one gets stuck in a car door or dragged through your dinner. Yeah, that.


Dress on pants, that look that matches a calf-length dress that opens in the front with pants underneath, is officially gone for winter 2021. Although this look is forecasted to return for spring with your COVID vaccine, it’s just not happening for the next few months. In the meantime, wear either a dress or pants, and if you feel cold, put tights under the dress. And that’s specifically tights, not leggings, which brings us to our next fashion goodbye..


While not as big a fashion crime as wearing leggings with a dress or under a skirt in 2021, you can get away with pairing leggings with a long tunic, emphasis on long and thick. Also, the leggings and tunic should be made of the same material. Otherwise, put ‘em away. Same goes for patterned leggings.


This look was beat to death over the last few years, those tops with open shoulders. Stylists are saying 2021 is when it will finally take a back seat to newer True Fashionista trends. Same goes for garments with lace accents.


Although the rule for the past few years has been the higher the better, 2021 will see lower heels and dressy flats. Says television fashion stylist Cindy Conroy for, "I'm happy to say stilt-like heels are taking a major fashion nap. Likely because no one can comfortably walk in them for extended periods of time.” That’s not to say that fancy footwear is out. Shoes like slides, flats, sandals and exaggerated chunky heels will have their time in ‘21.


Although neon had a resurgence from the early 80s in 2019, look for it to be replaced with more subdued colors in 2021. Mustard as well enjoyed a nice run for a couple years, but designers will begin to swap it out for lighter, more saturated saffron shades.

Stop into True Fashionistas or shop online for your favorite fashion trends. Who knows, you may start a new one!