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There’s a growing chance that we’ll be seen out and about much more this summer than last. Breathing a collective sigh of relief, the designer community embraced the feeling in their True Fashionista seasonal creations viewed in limited-seating and virtual runway shows back in December. We’re ready to live the result now, quite possibly without a mask to match (yay).
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As we do the deep dive into summer (already hitting temps in the 90’s here in Naples, FL, home of True Fashionistas Resale, the area’s best designer consignment store), we’re eyeing our summer outfits, and that means: accessorizing! Three cheers for all the extras, peeps! Here’s a quick rundown of some True Fashionista faves happening for summer ’21.
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This summer, you can accessorize your True Fashionista heart out with just the right sandals, eyewear and tote, but if you’re not rockin’ the latest swimsuit, it could all be for naught. As we’re always happy to catch you up on what’s going on in the swimsuit section of True Fashionistas Resale, Naples’ best luxury consignment store, for the moment we’ll take you back and see how the bikini, that staple of all things sexy swimwear, was birthed and recall its ascension to the throne of the swimwear world.
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Might your favorite chair now sport a little slightly-worn spot these days? Maybe your decorative pillows have been hugged just a bit too often while bingeing a streaming television show. These things happen, especially when staying at home is just what you (have to) do. Fortunately, the True Fashionista textile industry has your back, and fabrics that can hold up to extra wear and tear are all the rage for 2021.
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Straight from Pantone courtesy of WWD come the most anticipated True Fashionista color trends to know about this fall. Thanks to vaccines, there is an undeniable air of hope and optimism abounding for ‘21, and fashion is happy to reflect it in street style and more. Back in December, as Layla Lichi reported, Pantone revealed that Illuminating — a bright yellow hue — and Ultimate Gray are its 2021 Colors of the Year, as both represent unity, stability and hope. Perhaps Pantone Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman put it best, “When the gray clouds disperse, we see the sunshine.” Aside from these two, several energetic colors stood out on the Fall ’21 runways, like a denim, close to sky-looking blue, gorgeous greens, a proper brown in outerwear, fiery reds and luscious auburns and comforting beiges.
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As we acknowledge what will hopefully be the last few months of the pandemic, let us suggest embracing the opportunity to dive into our favorite True Fashionista subject: fashion! An ongoing subject since the beginning of celluloid, celebrated fashion films are a part of our culture, from stylized fiction to cult classic and biopic. We’ve compiled 10 of the finer examples, so you can burrow beneath a cozy plush throw, a glass of wine and dig in.


“How’s your hemline hangin’, baby? “ said no one ever, until we did in this here blog post. When it comes to skirt length, or hemline, a familiar term which didn’t even come to be until the 1930s, fashion over the years has dictated a real hemline journey both up and down, albeit primarily since the twentieth century. Up until then, all True Fashionistadresses and skirts were primarily ankle-length.
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Fling open your closet and ponder whether or not you own a simple, made to be lived-in dress, the kind that can effectively be worn to both run to the store and enjoy your latest streaming bingefest. If pictures of your mom flood your brain at this particular moment, don’t be shocked. After all, the True Fashionista house dress has its place in history.


(Full on resisting urge to drop a Miranda Priestly reference)…Although florals aren’t so groundbreaking for spring, (oop did it) there’s nothing like the fresh look of gorgeous flowery blossoms after a particularly brutal winter, be it in a box on the windowsill or adorning your True Fashionista spring wardrobe. Let’s take a quick look at what’s hot in florals for 2021, as we more than figuratively emerge from our cocoons, ready to take on the world. Floral fashion trends this spring are leaning toward boho-style prints in pink and pastel colors or dark and understated, reports Eve Dawes for fashion site

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Trends come and go, but classics stay forever. You’ve heard it, you know it, you live it. However, just in case you’ve been questioning your collection and what remains on the floor post-purge for eventual designer consignment (shameless self-promotion moment, and proud of it), we’ll help with a refresher on some True Fashionista must-haves that have only grown finer with time. Having a knowledge of which items have the highest resale value is a must, as well as the ability to recognize the fickle nature of trends and the importance of investing in solid, trusted pieces to round out your collection. Here is a solid checklist from which to start: